The General Lee(xus)

I’m pretty sure no one ever expected to see a Lexus LS 400 painted up like this:

The General Leexus

This is the General Lee(xus), and it has quite an interesting story — turns out this old LS is an entry into Bangers4BEN, a charity event in the UK for “helping the automotive and related industries provide care and support for employees and their dependants in times of need”.

Here’s the event details:

Firstly, buy an old banger for no more than £500 and make sure you get a receipt to show this (it can cost more or less and you’ll realise why in a minute). You must then drive it all the way to Monaco and back, and finally enter it in our special auction where all the cars are sold in aid of BEN (now you see why we don’t mind you spending more than £500 on the car).

The LS will be driven by Phil Huff, and you can donate to his Bangers4BEN entry here. If you’d like to know more about Bangers4BEN, I recommend checking out the event homepage.

(Another fact about this LS: It’s one of the two LS 400s featured in Jeremy Clarkson’s Thriller DVD. Try and guess which one.)

[Source: CIMA Racing]