My.IS TO2kX Meet in Toronto

Members of My.IS & Club Lexus gathered last weekend in Toronto, Ontario for some time at the track and a highway cruise:

There’s plenty of photos to look through in the My.IS thread — this one caught my eye with the red:

Lexus Toronto Mega Meet

Looks like a fun event, I’m hoping to attend myself next year.

(Thanks Vinh!)


  1. Exactly what happened to Team Lexus?!?!?!
  2. WorldofLuxury wrote:Exactly what happened to Team Lexus?!?!?!
    These two Front Page stories that I wrote back in 2006 shed a little light on the story:
  3. @jruhi4: So I've actually been reading your stuff since... long time ago. lol Wasn't there a blue (purple?) Lexus IS that was ready to race, but the car and the team were suddenly put on sale? Anyways, what has Toyota gained out of putting the Camry in NASCAR?! The Toyota Tundra I understand, but the Camry?!
  4. @ World Of Luxury. Whats wrong with racing a camry.. Its a car right ? Which can be tuned right ? Plus teh Camry os one of Toyota most known cars so why not promote the car more...and fyi the SE Sport Camry V6 got a 0-60 in 5.9 sec and you can also add TRD performance upgrades from factory.
  5. @Travis: hm All I know is that it was weird seeing the American Camry NASCAR at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, but the burnout and the added sound was great! Anyways, racing a Camry is not the problem. It's Toyota's commitment in advertising its NASCAR Camry.