The Telegraph Takes a Ride in the Lexus CT 200h

The Lexus CT 200h Moving

Lexus Europe has media showing with the CT 200h last week, and Jesse Crosse from The Telegraph was there for a ride in the passenger seat:

I was given a brief ride in a prototype by Lexus engineers last week who were keen to demonstrate the low centre of gravity, flat cornering stance, low, sporty, driving position and high levels of refinement.

“We want to produce a car that’s fun to drive but environmentally friendly. It’s as simple as that,” said vehicle performance specialist Bruno Reinke.

The CT200h is generally very quiet and the hybrid drive has been recalibrated to reduce the wailing “CVT” effect of the hybrid transmission, something which Reinke admits many drivers dislike. This has been successful in “Normal” and “Eco” modes but less so in the punchier “Sport” mode.

Admittedly, there’s not much here, but it’s still sounds positive — especially knowing that the CVT wail has been minimized. Looking forward to seeing more reviews popping up as the CT 200h gets closer to production.

[Source: The Telegraph]