World’s Smallest Lexus Enthusiast

Just a personal note to explain the radio silence of the last couple days:

World's Youngest Lexus Enthusiast

Much to the excitement of my wife Karissa & I, our daughter, Pepper Gwendolyn Watts, was born yesterday — making her the world’s smallest (and youngest!) Lexus enthusiast.

As you can imagine, life gets turned upside down with a new baby, but posting will return to normal next week once our little family gets acclimated. Thank you for your patience!


  1. Congrats Man.....wishing you and your family all the best with this new addition. Keep up the good work Jarrett
  2. Take your time and enjoy you new child. Shower your wife and daughter with affection. After all, Lexus will still be a great car when you return.
  3. JVX

    Congratulation to you and your family. Pepper looks very adorable. Lexus will be very happy knowing that you will get her a Lexus when she's old enough to drive.
  4. absolutely adorable. Congrats!
  5. Congratsssss -- I will also be in the same shoes by september'''
  6. Congratulations thats AWESOME. As a father of a daughter and a son, I know the amazing joy you are feeling. God Bless you and your family and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!
  7. Congratulations! "Aw... so cute and adorable." lol jk, Krew. I mean it. Happy Father's day!
  8. Congrats Krew! :-)
  9. Congratulations to the proud father of the baby :) Krew !!!
  10. Congrats to you and Karissa. Awesome Fathers' Day present! Enjoy every second you can with Pepper. Before you know it, they're out on their own and making you a grandpa (Yes, I speak from experience...)
  11. congratulations.
  12. Congratulations! She looks beautiful KREW :-)
  13. Right in time for Father's Day too! Haha congrats again!:-)
  14. Saw an LX in black today, in person, under the LA sun! I saw a few in other colors, included some in blue, but the black one... WOW the presence! If only Lexus could offer more material options for the interior.
  15. Congrats..... Daddy's little girl~ ;-)
  16. What a cutie!
  17. congrats! What will be her first lexus?
  18. You DIDN'T name your kid Pepper! Oh no you didn't!>:-( Rusty
  19. Jay

    Congrats!!! Take as much time as you need :)
  20. Congratulations to new dad Krew ! Guess little Pepper is going to get a Lexus scale model as her first toy :-D Isn't that the key to Krew's LS400? The logo seems to be in surprisingly good shape considering it's nearly 17 years old.
  21. Congrats on the new addition to the family Krew, hope all is well. Glad you didn't name her Mercedez ... ha, ha, ha !! Cheers
  22. I wish you for you, your family and it's newest member,happiness and well being! Congratulations! :-)
  23. Congrats man!
  24. congratulations Krew hope GOD save her to you
  25. G

  26. s

    Happy fathers day, from sean and Lexus of Bellevue. Congratulations.
  27. Oh hey Krew, your woman did GOOOOD! Pepper looks great, but you need to take the keys from her and she's NOT legal just yet to drive 8-) Happy dads day and no, you don't need to excuse yourself. Lexus will still be the best car around for when ya get back ;-)
  28. Congratulations. What a wonderful Father's Day Gift. Enjoy your beautiful baby.
  29. lee

  30. Congrats! Now that's a great Father's Day present!
  31. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for your nice messages -- definitely the biggest life change I can imagine!
    Joshd wrote:What will be her first lexus?
    Great question -- though I do have at least 16 years to decide. :-D
  32. @krew: I think that you're gonna go crazy worrying about something else before she reaches 16 ;-) Make her have a passionate love for cars and hate for motorcycles (although I love bikes myself).
  33. World of Luxury - don't you dare! Bikes are the best and I hope she gets one when she's old enough! I have two motorcycles myself and do not own a car. 8-)
  34. Outstanding! Congrats!!:-)