Facebook Fans Question Lexus CT 200h Chief Designer

Lexus CT 200h SketchRecently, Lexus Europe asked their Facebook fans to submit questions to Lexus Design Manager Takeshi Tanabe about the CT 200h — in the end, four questions were chosen and the answers have just been posted.

(Funny fact: Three of the four questions use the word “sexy”.)

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  1. Heey... They answered my question first.. That's awesome! 8-) Why did everyone use the word "sexy"? Cause I used it first ;-) I'm just a big ol' trend setter :-D
  2. JVX

    I don't know about 'sexy'. I usually use 'sexy' to refer to something/someone feminine. The front bumper on that LF-Ch concept is too aggressive, too bold, too masculine to be call 'sexy'. :-D
  3. holly wrote:Heey… They answered my question first.. That’s awesome! 8-) Why did everyone use the word “sexy”? Cause I used it first ;-) I’m just a big ol’ trend setter :-D
    Thought that was you! Very cool. :-)
  4. JVX - live a little man, and I was commenting on the CT200h - not the LFA (I know pretty much everything about it already, but the CT200h is more secretive!). A little jealous of me now, huh, Krew? ;-) hahaha
  5. @JVX: Agreed -- but then I don't really think of too many cars as "sexy". Just not an adjective I would use. :)
  6. @holly: @JVX: @krew: I don't know that I could ever call a hatchback "sexy". ;-)
  7. James, you're just jealous your arse doesn't look that good :-D8-);-)
  8. I must also state - that picture of the blue Lexus at the top - it's now my desktop background - I LOVE IT!!! 8-) Thanks!! nom nom nom