Autocar Drives 20-year-old Lexus LS 400

Lexus LS 400

In a nod to their 20th anniversary in the UK, Lexus put automotive journalists behind the wheel of an old LS 400 at the annual Society of Motor Manufacturers Test day.

Purchased off eBay, the LS 400 had 103,000 miles on the odometer and still plenty of life — here’s a quick review from Autocar:

[…]yacht-hits-swell body-roll and steering that simultaneously fascinates and alarms with its level of tactile disconnection made for plenty of torrid amusement through the bends, further enhanced by quite pronounced line-tightening on throttle lift-off that I don’t remember when they were new.

The man from Lexus reckoned it needed some new wishbone bushes and attention to the steering gear. But there appeared to be little else wrong with this car, which was rattle-free, calmingly quiet and convincingly pulled by its fabulously smooth 242bhp 4.0 V8.

As a LS 400 owner (110,000 miles), I’m remorselessly bias toward this vehicle — it’s an absolute classic and a luxury car milestone.

[Source: Autocar Photo: Richard Aucock]