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Lexus LFA Blasts Up Goodwood Hill

As part of the press preview for the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed in England, Auto Express had a chance to make the historic hillclimb in Europe’s only Lexus LFA:

The space-age styling has taken some criticism since the model was first revealed, but get up close and explore it in detail, and the low-slung, muscular proportions have immense presence. Even parked up next to an orange Lamborghini Murciélago SV, it doesn’t seem lacking in drama. At Goodwood it turns more heads than virtually anything else on display.

…the real surprise is the brutality of the driving experience. Change gear on full throttle and you can feel the cogs moving with such force, it sends shockwaves through the chassis. Lexus says it chose an automated manual box over a twin-clutch unit for exactly that reason – to give the car its raw personality.

It’s refreshing to see a marque as straight-laced as Lexus turning its hand to such a raw and edgy product – proving that car makers aren’t always as predictable as we might think. There’s a sense of drama and mystery which follows the LFA around…

Here’s video of the full run:

[Source: Auto Express]

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