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Lexus LFA Review from The Sunday Times

Jason Barlow has reviewed the Lexus LFA for The Sunday Times:

You can make up your own mind about the LFA’s looks, but it is aerodynamically efficient, authentically Japanese and more chunky Transformer than curvy Megan Fox. The sci-fi theme continues inside…after 10 minutes of fiddling I felt as befuddled as Bill Murray in Lost in Translation.

Ultimately, the LFA is baffling because it takes a sledgehammer to everything Lexus stands for. It shouldn’t really exist at all, and almost didn’t. That is precisely why it’s so enjoyable. The biggest automotive company in the world has unleashed the most idiosyncratic car of the year.

Nicely put, and illustrates a point—the LFA is going to have a lot of people reconsidering Lexus as a brand all over the world. I can’t help but think of it as the absolute best marketing tool Lexus could create, no matter if the actual car sells at a loss.

(Mildly disappointed that this review wasn’t written by Jeremy Clarkson, but I suppose it’s only fair considering we’ll be seeing the LFA on Top Gear January 3rd.)

[Source: The Sunday Times]

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