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Motor Trend: 2008 Lexus IS F Long Term Test

Lexus IS-F by Motor Trend

Motor Trend has just turned in the results of their year-long Lexus IS F road test—doesn’t sound like the car was well-liked:

Naturally, our discerning staff found plenty to criticize about the IS F, notably high-performance Brembos that all too often emitted high-pitched squeaks (dealers either could not replicate the noise or told us it was a byproduct of the high-friction pads), a transmission with too many gears (“While its nice to see the revs under 2000 rpm at 70 mph and the accompanying fuel economy, downshifting to pass becomes a chore—to get to the real power, you have to drop four gears.”), and a stiff ride most deemed too firm and borderline harsh.

There’s not much else to the review, just these complaints and some 0-60 times—to think that’s all the entire Motor Trend staff got out of the IS F. Must be all those Michigan potholes. 

[Source: Motor Trend]