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Lexus Considering Mini Competitor?

With the LF-Ch likely to be reach production as Lexus’ entry into the C-Premium market, Autocar decided to see where the brand stood on the B-Premium “Supermini” sector:

“This segment will grow,” [A Lexus marketing specialist] said, “as more premium marques begin to build cars in this size. We already have the Mini and the Alfa Romeo Mito, and the Audi A1 is just around the corner.

“Indeed, the Mito has been a big success outside Italy, especially in the challenging German market. The Mini is under considerable pressure now.”

Asked whether Lexus would go into the smallest premium sector, the Lexus source said: “Well, never say never. It’s probably the third or fourth most important segment. In fact, the ‘B’ premium sector is already bigger than the large SUV segment. But it is very hard to make money in it.”

I can’t imagine that Lexus will be entering the super-small sector any time soon, especially when the LF-Ch is likely more than a year away from production and still unproven. Also, there needs to be some consideration given to the cars already in the lineup—the IS & GS are next in line to be designed and are much more integral to the Lexus lineup.

Still, if Aston Martin is releasing a version of the Toyota iQ, I suppose anything is possible…)

[Source: Autocar]

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