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Lexus LX Week

Yesterday, I returned the 2009 Lexus LX 570 to Lexus Canada, much to the chagrin of my entire extended family. Being able to seat eight turned every drive into an event, and everyone was sad to see the giant SUV go.

Over the course of ten days, I drove 1386 km (862 miles) and averaged 14.3 l/100 km (16.45 mpg). Not bad for the size, but I found myself wishing for a hybrid or diesel, if only to cut down on visiting the gas pumps every three days or so. That said, it didn’t really take away from the experience—I can’t imagine a more accommodating and capable vehicle.

A full review is coming in a few days, with a number of photo galleries starting today. I’ve also collected some LX related stories for the occasion, which should give this week a distinct LX theme. Enjoy!

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