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Autobild Comparison: Lexus LS 600h vs. Mercedes S400 Hybrid

Usually, when a German magazine compares a Lexus to a Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, the results are laughable, but Autobild proves the exception with their comparison of the Lexus LS 600h against the new Mercedes S400 Hybrid (forgive the poor Google translation):

The six-cylinder in the S 400 always feels rough and uncultured, it swallows that he restrained driving little more than some four-cylinder…Especially getting used to, the brake, despite the longer path and higher pedal pressure seems strangely insensitive.

The first series of car trusts S400 hybrid to particularly efficient lithium-ion batteries, which Toyota does not even hold for production. The nickel-Metal hybrid batteries Lexus V8 in terms of energy density, efficiency, weight and space of the Mercedes-inferior solution.

With the S400 being Mercedes’ first hybrid, there’s sure to be a need for some refinement, and some roughness has to be expected.

The only other article with these two vehicles didn’t even really try to compare them, which makes sense considering the £16,577 cost difference of the LSh over the S400. They might be the same size, but they’re pointed at opposite ends of the segment.

[Source: Autobild (Translated to English)]

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