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Car Magazine’s Long-Term Lexus IS-F

Car Magazine is issuing monthly website updates on their long-term Lexus IS-F, and this month the magazine editors had their first service stop:

It took an hour to get there but when I arrived at Lexus Leicester I was greeted by a smart showroom, courteous staff and a decent cup of tea. I was even offered my own room to allow me to work while I waited, a nice touch.

The service itself highlighted no real problems other than the front tyres, which have worn heavily on their inner edges suggesting an alignment problem. The bill was £273, which sounds a lot considering what is actually involved in a first service today, but nearly £140 of that was accounted for by oil. Several days later a letter arrived at home from the garage just checking to see that I had been happy with the service.

I never expected running a super-sedan would be cheap, but spending $200USD on oil has my head spinning. Such is the cost of performance, I suppose.

(Car Magazine’s other logbook entries are an insightful read as well, I’ll be sure to follow their progress over the last eight months and post anything interesting.)

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