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Automobile Mag: Lexus IS-F Long-Term Test Update

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post a photo of the Lexus IS-F in the snow, but Automobile Magazine’s Four-Seasons update is definitely worth the quick read as well:

I hand the car off to Mr. Kitman, who makes several trips into and out of New York City. “I love the sound of the V-8 when the secondary cam profile kicks in and all hell breaks loose,” he opines. “But the IS-F is not the most relaxing car to drive”…He reports that the IS-F does cause a stir in New York City – I’ve noticed the same thing where I live. “Parking attendants love it…People seem to know they’re looking at money and speed, which is surely a big part of the equation for those who purchase IS-Fs.”

Come to think of it, has Ezra Dyer ever weighed in on the Lexus super-sedan? That would be something to read.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

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