Lexus Cuts Production in December

Lexus Manufacturing

To cope with the worldwide automotive sales slump, Lexus will be cutting its management bonuses by 10% and will be taking its Japanese manufacturing plants offline for two days:

According to Automotive News, Toyota will idle one of its three assembly lines at its Tahara plant in Japan for two days, wiping about 5,000 vehicles from the plant’s production schedule. The Tahara plant produces the Lexus LS, GS and IS models.

In addition to the Tahara plant, another Lexus plant in southern Japan — operated by a subsidiary — will also halt production for two days this month.

It boggles my mind that simply shutting down a plant for two days can result in a 5,000 vehicle inventory reduction, but then I can’t even picture a plant this big:

[Via: Leftlane News]