Esquire Reviews the Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS 460 in Esquire

There’s a nice little editorial/review of the Lexus LS 460 in the latest issue of Esquire that revolves around writer David Raab’s son:

We try the Lexus LS 460L because my son’s entire experience of cars is based on sitting in the backseat, and because one of his car guides rates the 460’s backseat a perfect 10 — the only 10 in the book.

“I like the smell of this car,” my kid says.

Yeah, I say. Smells like money. Mon-ay. Big money.

“Are we in a base or an LX?” He studies trimlines. He uses the word trimlines, which is a little scary.

I don’t think this is a base, I say.

“I don’t, either,” he says. “This is a dream.”

Being a youngster, we can forgive the trim level confusion, especially when his father didn’t try to pass off the standard stats rehashing usually seen in this type of article.

(Even more important though, is the discovery that Automobile Magazine’s Ezra Dyer also writes for Esquire.)

[Image from Miraruido]