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Lexus wins UK Security Award, LS wins Best Luxury Car

Here’s story that slipped through as I was finishing up the new version of this site: Lexus won two awards in the 2008 Fleet World Honours, taking home the Security award and the Best Luxury Car award for the LS:

The Security Award reflects Lexus’s high levels of protection against theft of or from its vehicles. George Emmerson, chairman of the judging panel, said Lexus “does more than anyone else in the market” in terms of effective anti-theft provisions.

Retaining its Best Luxury Car title has endorsed the Lexus LS’s status as a flagship limousine that delivers exceptional comfort, refinement and technical sophistication, particularly of the hybrid power LS 600h.

Ken Rogers, Fleet World editor said: “The Lexus LS stands above its worthy competitors simply because it is such a quality product, manufactured to the highest standards. No longer the new kid on the block, Lexus has nothing more to prove.”

This is the second year in a row that the Lexus LS has been awarded the Best Luxury Car title by Fleet World, a UK magazine for business owners who, well, manage a fleet of cars.

[Source: New Car Net]

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