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More on Best Motoring’s Lexus IS-F/BMW M3 Comparison

Turns out there was more than one part to the Best Motoring comparison that I posted about a couple days ago. Get comfortable and and take a look at this 20 minute video (for quickness’ sake, the two main competitors as I see them, the BMW M3 and the IS-F, are at 1:25 and 13:36 respectively):

Again, there seems to be an issue with improper shifting with the IS-F, but regardless, the stats against the BMW M3 broke down like this:

Lap Time


  • IS-F: 107.387 seconds
  • M3: 105.817 seconds
  • Grip

  • IS-F: Rating of 88
  • M3: Rating of 100
  • Drift

  • IS-F: Rating of 90

  • M3: 98.5
  • No matter how subjective the Grip and Drift ratings may be, these are numbers coming from a highly respected source, so it’s hard to find fault with the results. One thing’s for sure, it’s no question that these cars are neck and neck, and I imagine that’s exactly what Lexus was gunning for.

    [Via: Auto Spies]

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