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IGN Test Drives the Lexus IS-F

Can’t say I’ve ever visited IGN for auto news before, but they’ve put together a well-worded review of the Lexus IS-F as tested on the Laguna Seca Raceway:

Though it’s not a lightweight car, the IS F handles with an impressively limited degree of body roll, to the degree to which it’s pretty easy to get somewhat sloppy with your driving but not pay the price. Coupled with the rather massive Brembo brakes, sticky Bridgestone Potenza tires (on a course with plenty of rubber already laid down), and solid aero characteristics, the IS F felt, in our hands, fantastic. Sport mode’s VDIM never became intrusive, though we thankfully managed to avoid starting a full spin that would have set it off. The possibility was certainly there at various points however, and we were impressed that we had the full latitude to get the IS F’s tail out and tires smoking yet not be reigned in unless (presumably) things went really wrong.

The review is broken up into two parts, the first a general overview and the second covering their time on the track. I was impressed with it, overall, especially the first part, which serves as one of the best breakdowns I’ve read yet.

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