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The Hyundai Genesis Crosses the Line

A slew of Hyundai Genesis spy shots have surfaced, and it’s guaranteed that Lexus and BMW are none too happy with the car’s appearance:

Hyundai Genesis Spy Shot 2

Hyundai Genesis Spy Shot 3

No matter the argument that all cars are derivative of each other, this is going over the line. The front-end is clearly inspired by the Lexus LS, but what’s much, much worse is the side profile/rear of the Genesis — you don’t even have to squint to see a BMW 5-Series.

When you think about the resources it took to develop the latest iteration of the BMW design language, how the look is clearly illustrated throughout their lineup, it’s a real shame to see it copied wholesale. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s doubtful that BMW (or Lexus, to a lesser extent) are impressed by the compliment.

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  • June 30, 2011
 We own two Lexus autos; a 92 LS400 with 93K miles and a classic 95 SC300 with 63K.  We thought about byuying an ES350 to replace the LS400.  However after a really royal screwing by the San Francisco peninsula Lexus dealer we had used for over 10 years, we looked at other makes.  Hyundai Genesis and Azera were the best of our research.  We found a really good deal on an Azera and bought it.  We had driven a loaner ES350 a few months before on a 600 mile trip along Northern California's back roads, including over 100 miles  on the cliff hanging Highway One.  Good trip.  Good car.  We took the Azera on a test run on the roads around Silicon Valley before buying.  Since then we have put over 1000 miles including some Highway One miles which is  just over the hills from our home.  The Azera is comfortable and easy to drive.  My wife likes it better than the LS400.  Warranty is great. fit, finish great, maybe not quite so luxurious as the ES360, but ok.  and it cost much less, although money was not the issue for us.  Dealer trust is.  Don't know if the Azera dealer is any better, and the dealership is not Lexus posh.  But once screwed is enough.  If I sell my SC, I'll have to think awhile before buying another Lexus.  We kept the LS400 as a backup car, but are having it serviced at a reputable local shop.