Lexus Hybrid Lineup to Expand

Lexus Hybrid Display

The Detroit News reports that Lexus plans to boost their hybrid lineup in hopes to increase their overall annual sales by 100,000:

“Yes, there will be more hybrids in the Lexus lineup,” said James H. Colon, vice president for sales and dealer development at a meeting of auto reporters here.

Lexus expects to sell just 2,000 [LS 600h L] per year. “Not a huge volume, but twice the combined sales of the highest-end Mercedes and BMW models,” Colon said.

Lexus, with just 221 dealers nationwide, sells about 1,100 vehicles per dealership — versus 500 for Mercedes-Benz and BMW, with each have about 350 dealers.

There has been an announcement that a new hybrid-only Lexus is in development, but there must be some more projects in the pipeline if they want to almost double their overall sales figures.