The Lexus LS 600h Commercial: Fast Reimagined

The LS 600h commercial Fast Reimagined has been posted to Youtube, and it’s classic Lexus imagery:

For a little background information, I found an interview with the digital effects team at Dexigner:

For this spot’s end-footage of the car, Balden explained that the Lexus was shot with a Canon digital SLR on the end of a camera rig as a series of long exposures. … “As soon as we got a look at the first take, we were all instantly convinced that this would look great,” Balden explained. “The footage looked amazing on its own, but once Pat Murphy and I finished with it, re-editing the takes to create a sort of day-to-night transition, adding a little move, blurring the background, and playing with the reflections on the car itself, it really looked gorgeous.”

Lexus LS 460 Hold Button Demonstation

Youtube user h4×0r0x was nice enough to post a demonstration of rather unique LS series feature found on the steering wheel, namely the Hold button:

As you can see, this button allows you to hold your brakes, meaning that you can rest your feet while at a stoplight. In essence, we’re looking at the anti-cruise control.

This is Lexus’ Passionate Pursuit of Perfection in full-effect.

Lexus LF-A Spotted at Nürburgring

World Car Fans has some fresh-off-the-track spy shots of the upcoming Lexus LF-A, which now sports a shop class spoiler and some honest-to-goodness rear view mirrors:

Lexus LF-A Spy Shots

The V-10 super car has stayed quite close to its original concept, with the only noticeable differences being the aforementioned spolier and some minor bumper and light housing differences.

The production LF-A is expected to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September. Check World Car Fans for more photos.

Reflecting on Initial Quality

While not Lexus specific, Joseph B. White of the Wall Street Journal has taken a deeper look at J.D. Power’s Initial Quality Survey and is driven to wonder, Is Initial Quality still relevant?

J.D. Power TrophyNow, most of the major auto makers have made so much progress, that the Power Initial Quality Survey has less to offer the consumer.

Let’s stipulate that most journalists should not be allowed to analyze statistics in public. But this example isn’t that hard. Lincoln scored 100 problems per 100 cars. That means, on average, buyers of new 2007 model Lincolns reported one problem per car to J.D. Power.

Mercedes owners reported 111 problems per 100 cars. Put another way, the Mercedes owners identified, on average, 0.1 more problems with each individual vehicle than did the Lincoln owners.

Except, there is no such thing as 0.1 of a problem. Problems are like pregnancy. It’s all or nothing.

This echoes my own thoughts while reviewing the recent results, the margins are incredibly thin — practically every automaker can build a car that remains relatively trouble free for three months(with the exception of Land Rover, seemingly).

This doesn’t necessarily make the Initial Quality Study obsolete, especially when you consider the significant weight it has with the general car-buying public. No matter how tiny the difference between rankings, low scores mean bad press. Mercedes-Benz illustrates this point perfectly. Constantly ridiculed for their poor results, MB took considerable action to raise their score this year, jumping from 25th place to 5th.

I would consider long-term tests much more important, but it stands to reason that a vehicle that posts worse-than-average scores in the first 90 days of ownership has the potential for more headaches years down the road.

Lexus RX 400h, Wagoneer Edition

While I have strong doubts that Lexus will ever release a RX Wagoneer edition, one 400h owner isn’t about to wait to see. Discovered by, this one-off wooden body kit was created by Italian tuner firm Castagna Milano for someone very rich and equally eco-obsessed:

Wood Lexus RX 400h Body Kit

Most of the reactions to this unique body modification are decidedly negative, but I’m not sure I share that opinion (I’ve always had a soft spot for the Wagoneer). With the RX model being Lexus’ most ubiquitous, it’s a real challenge to stand out in the crowd, and that’s certainly not going to be a problem here.

Click Read More for some additional shots, including a photo of the fully customized interior.


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