Lexus’ IS-F Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has served up another Lexus presentation, this time a full blown dissertation about the IS-F. This presentation, along with the previously noted LX 570 breakdown, took place in Point Clear, Alabama, and provided the automotive press with an opportunity to learn about the vehicles to an extraordinary level of detail.

The first IS-F video is an introduction, most notable due to its alternative viewpoint as to where the “F” designation started (the other version states the “F” comes from the Fuji Speedway) and its assertion that the IS-F shifts faster than a Ferrari F430:

The second part, presented by Charles Hubbard of Lexus College, is easily the most detailed technical breakdown of the IS-F that I’ve seen or read:

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Lexus’ LX 570 Presentation Videos

The Auto Network has posted up the full LX 570 presentation given by Lexus to the press in late 2007, and it’s a incredible collection of facts and information, detailing every aspect of the vehicle, from its technical specifications to its marketing plan.

The first part is a general overview of the LX 570, presented by Nancy Fein, VP of Customer Service:

The second part is a presentation by Charles Hubbard, and is a highly detailed 20 minute technical breakdown of the new SUV, including a demonstration of the Crawl Control feature. (The sound’s a little low so be sure to turn up your speakers):

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Lexus in 2007: A Brief Recap

Lexus Year in Review

Right from the very start, 2007 was a year of controversy for Lexus.

In January, the Detroit Auto Show saw the introduction of the IS-F and the F-Sport line. The F-Division is meant to be Lexus’ answer to Mercedes’ AMG and BMW’s M-Division, and it was a move that was criticized from all angles over the next eleven months.

There was some excellent news in April, when the LS 460 was named the World Car of the Year, beating out Audi TT and BMW Mini. The new LX 570 was introduced at the New York Auto Show, marking its first redesign in ten years.

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TPP’s Ten Most Popular Lexus Stories of 2007

2007 is almost over, and having given myself up to a period of reflection, I thought a recap of the year’s ten most popular stories would be in order. Without further ado:

10. Additional Footage of the Lexus LF-A at Nürburgring

This Youtube footage of the Lexus LF-A zooming around Nürburgring was one of my first posts to be picked up by the major auto websites, including Autoblog &

9. Two Tuned Lexus Models from the Upcoming SEMA 2007

The Blitz Tuned Lexus GS 430

I did some snooping around and managed to dig up two previews of the Lexus tuned models that were featured at SEMA this year. Too bad all the GS models were 430s, and not 460s.

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AutoWeek’s Preview of the 2008 Lexus LX 570

2008 Lexus LX 570

There’s a bit of a sarcastic bent to AutoWeek’s preview of the 2008 Lexus LX 570, but it still manages to fill in some blanks, including the differences between the LX 570 and the Toyota Land Cruiser:

Hey, wait a second, you say, is this just a Land Cruiser with a Lexus badge on it, the way the first ES was way too much of a Camry? Oh, ye of little faith and long memory. No, it’s not. Look at the spec sheet. It has more acronyms than a quartermaster’s RFP–at least 13 standard features not found on the Land Cruiser.

“I’m amazed at the technology in this vehicle,” said Lexus chief Mark Templin. Hey, he works there, and he’s amazed!

Some are unquestionable assets, such as the VVT-i that controls the dual overhead cams, the acoustic control induction system (ACIS) that tunes the intake runners, the new transmission-fluid temperature control that warms or cools the fluid depending on conditions and active front headrests that reduce neck injuries. Luxury technology abounds, too, including a “sub-cool accelerator system” to get cold air flowing more quickly in the four-zone climate-control system and second-row seat heaters.

As I said, a touch too sarcastic, but this is a vehicle that elicits a wide range of reactions. All in all, the preview is positive, going as far as to say this is the vehicle you want to have should civilization ever collapse. Now that’s some heavy praise!