The Lexus Luxury Lounge @ The Detroit Auto Show

The Lexus Luxury Lounge @ The Detroit Auto Show

Lexus’ presence at the Detroit Auto Show isn’t just limited to their impressive booth, there was also a Luxury Lounge, where harried reporters could take some time to relax. MLive reports:

I have heard that Lexus knows how to take care of their customers (think: fancy buffets and massages while getting your car serviced at the dealership.) The car company brought these decadent sensibilities with them to the North American International Auto Show, with their Lexus Luxury Lounge.

While many car companies had displays catering to journalists’ needs, the most impressive of these had to be the Lexus Luxury Lounge. If other displays were like mini bars or coffee shops, Lexus offered the mini country club, smack in the middle of Cobo.

Seems as though Lexus went out of their way this year to make a serious impression, and judging by the various accounts, I’d say they were quite successful.

A Unique Take on the Lexus Booth @ The Detroit Auto Show

Lexus Booth @ Detroit Auto Show

Industrial Design website Core77 took a trip to the Detroit Auto Show and came away particularly impressed with the Lexus booth:

Designed by Mark Lawrence of the George P. Johnson Company, Lexus’ new exhibit combines highly refined materials and strong organizational qualities. Much of exhibit design is marketing through architecture, and this stand speaks very well for the brand. Abundant use of stainless steel and glass is paired with stone and wood, reflecting Lexus’ design philosophy of technology balanced with humanity.

It’s a unique perspective, for sure. Writer Michael Doyle even admits he’s more interested the architecture than the cars themselves, though I don’t find it all that surprising — all those photos of the Lexus exhibit and not even a glimpse of the new LF-A Roadster Concept!

Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Video

Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Video

The first video of the Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept has been posted by Car & Driver to Brightcove (no embedding allowed, click here to view the video.)

It’s a short video, but it’s still great to see the rear-adjustable wing in action. I could have done with less of presenter Dave Vanderwerp’s questionable disappointment and more time with the car itself, but this is just the first video of many more to come.

Stay tuned.

Lexus Dedicated Hybrid to Debut at Next Year’s Detroit Auto Show

Lexus Hybrid Display

During a media reception last night at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota President Katsuaki Watanabe announced that a dedicated Lexus hybrid will be introduced at next year’s convention:

“Next year here in Detroit, we will expand our conventional hybrid line-up by staging world premiers of two all-new, dedicated hybrids, one for Toyota and one for Lexus,” Watanabe told reporters. These new cars will be conventional hybrids, similar to the current Prius, in which an electric motor works in tandem with an internal combustion petrol engine.

We’ll have to wait until 2010 at the earliest to see the first Toyota plug-in hybrids hit the roads. Watanabe promised that by the end of the decade Toyota will deliver a “significant fleet” of plug-in hybrids powered by lithium-ion batteries, reports Automotive News.

This dedicated hybrid’s introduction has been rumored since early last year, though it was initially thought to be a Europe/Japan-only model. As for the plug-in hybrids, it’s too early to know how that will play out, though I’m sure more information will be forthcoming.

Watanabe also announced that the Tundra & Sequoia would soon be offered with diesel engines. Considering that the LX 570 is powered by the Tundra engine, it only stands to reason that diesel options will soon be coming to Lexus as well.

[Source: Motor Authority & TreeHugger]

The Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept Live @ The Detroit Auto Show

Lexus LF-A Roadster @ Detroit Auto Show

There’s more than a few photo galleries sprouting up of the Lexus LF-A Roadster Concept on the floor of the Detroit Auto Show, but the most comprehensive I’ve seen so far is at Autoblog.

There’s times when the official manufacturer photos make a car seem utterly flawless, but this super-convertible looks even more impressive in Autoblog’s photos. It has a real otherworldly look to it, as though you could fold the wheels in and take flight.

It usually takes me a while to warm up to concept cars, but in this case, it’s basically love at first sight, and I don’t even like convertibles.

Be sure to check out Autoblog’s full gallery of the LF-A Roadster, it’s well worth your time.