Lexus Launches LX 570 Driver Empowered Mini-Site

Lexus LX 570 Mini-Site: Drive Empowered

Mentioned in the Lexus’ LX 570 marketing presentation, the Driver Empowered LX mini-site is now live.

The site’s jam-packed with video footage extolling the SUV’s capabilities. Of particular note is the 360° tour, which manages to inject an infusion of character and presence that has been lacking in images seen so far.

An interesting sidebar, some of these videos have been posted on Youtube by Lexus, using its brand-new, three-day-old account. I’ve included them here, but would recommend watching the much larger versions on the site itself.

Active Height Control/Adaptive Variable Suspension Demo

Watch the rest of the videos

Evo Magazine Reviews the Lexus IS-F

2008 Lexus IS-F

Somewhere along the line, I missed Evo Magazine’s review of the Lexus IS-F, which does a fantastic job at heaping substantial amounts of praise onto the super-sedan:

Before the end of the pit straight, one thing is already beyond dispute. For the way it slaughters distance and the noise it makes, the IS-F is a major piece of hardware. But mostly – and this is the best bit – for the way it locks you into the process. True, there’s an element of PlayStation in the electric linearity of the power delivery and the way the lightning-fast gearshifts merge almost imperceptibly together. This, however, is no whispering, sweetness-and-light Lexus. It’s loud and, quite clearly, it’s angry and out for German blood.

For such a compact car, that 5-litre V8 is an impressively big gun; only the C63 AMG’s 449bhp 6.2 hits harder, but the difference is unlikely to be significant on the road. Lexus claims 0-62mph in 4.9sec, but it feels quicker, simply hurtling out of the circuit’s tighter bends and sustaining a savage lick until well beyond 130mph. But then that LS engine unleashed is a phenomenon: sublimely smooth and flexible, free-spinning all the way to the 7000rpm red line and replete with a completely unsuspected – but quite magnificent – granite-edged bellow that shades all of its rivals for sheer aural drama.

It’s quite obvious that this car is simply a demon on the track, but we won’t really know how it handles the day-to-day until it’s in the hands of customers.

[Source: Evo Magazine]

Lexus to Enter the DTM Racing Series?

Lexus IS-F Racing Concept

According to Touring Car Times, the photo of the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept could be an indication that Lexus will be joining the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters car racing series:

The rumors on which manufacturer would join Audi and Mercedes in the Deutche Tourenwagen Masters have been many during the recent years. Since the talks about new rules emerged, the rumors have gone hot again. Lexus is one of the big names in the list of possible interested manufacturers.

There is no official information on the prototype, but the splitters and wings look identical to DTM specifications.

TouringCarTimes has received information that there are actual negotiations going on between Lexus/Toyota, the DTM organization, plus Audi and Mercedes.

Adding fuel to the fire is a new Team Lexus splash page, which indicates there’s definite something in the works:

Team Lexus DTM

Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, or DTM, is a touring car racing series based in Germany, with rounds throughout Europe. Currently, Mercedes and Audi are involved, fielding 10 cars each.

More details should emerge once the IS-F Racing Concept is introduced at the Tokyo Auto Salon.

[Source: Touring Car Times]

Flickr Find: Lexus IS Tail Lights

There’s so many different ways to photograph a car, there’s the scenic shots, the speed shots, the close-ups, and once and a while, you get something a bit more expressive. This photograph by Flickr user AlieN is a good illustration of this:

Lexus IS Tail Lights

I’m a big fan of symmetry, so this appealed to me right off the bat, but the photo’s description made me laugh, outlining a game that I play daily:

In most cases these red dots, frames, rectangles, lines, shapes are unique for each and every type and if you pay attention you can see that they are telling you something. Like “I’m a big van”, “I’m a fat hatchback” or “I’m a slim coupé”. It is part of the design. Many times when I’m bored on a highway I try to figure out from the distance what car is that in front and then I check my guess when I get closer and recognize the actual type. (Of course you can play the same game with the headlights)

Personally, I find the headlight version of this game much more difficult — From a distance, in the dark, it’s incredibly difficult to identify a car from its front lights, it’s much easier with the rear red lights.

The Lexus LX 570 Already Winning Awards

I’m not sure how much stock you can put in an award given to an unreleased vehicle, but that didn’t stop WealthTV viewers from awarding the 2008 Lexus LX 570 “The Most Luxurious SUV” award. There wouldn’t be much to see here if the Lexus spokesman Paul Williamsen hadn’t pull the engine cover off :

The award given at the end is a hoot, as well. I can’t say I’d ever heard of WealthTV before this, but one thing’s for sure, they don’t skimp on their trophies.

The GS 450h was also recognized in the Most Advanced Use of Hybrid Technology category, but really, what kind of category is that?

[Source: The Automotive]