More 2010 Lexus RX Photos

While last week’s leaked 2010 Lexus RX photos gave us our first peek at the new SUV, the brochure photos were anything but spectacular.

Now we have some new photos to look at, and while they’re still of uneven quality, they capture the RX in real life:

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 1

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 2

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 3

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 4

I remain incredibly impressed with the new model, it’s a fantastic progression from the outgoing model. Now that I’ve examined it in more detail, I’m seeing a lot more IS than I initially thought, though I still think the main inspiration was the LX.

[Source: AutoinCar] (Thanks Richard!)

Video of Artisan’s Twin Turbo Lexus IS-F

We’ve seen the official photo and technical breakdown of the Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F that’s debuting at SEMA next week, and now here’s the twin turbo kicking it on a dyno:

It’s a good thing this thing is strapped to the dyno, because I don’t imagine it would be easy to video otherwise.

2010 Lexus RX Brochure Leaked!

2010 Lexus RX Brochure

The 2010 redesign of the Lexus RX has finally been leaked onto the web, and it’s a beauty!

I really think Lexus has done something special with this new generation, The LX design cues are obvious and handsomely applied, resulting in great blend of model continuity and design. The most startling aspect of the new RX is how much more masculine the design is. The previous design’s softness has been hardened up significantly. Great work.

And what’s even better is that this has finally seen the light of day — I had received images of this new RX from an anonymous source last week, but was told in no uncertain terms not to publish them. Lucky for us Autospies didn’t get the same advice!

Let’s get to the full brochure, more reaction later:

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SEMA 2008: ICON’s Lexus LX 570

The fact that I’m only now getting around to posting about the details of ICON’s custom Lexus LX 570 is probably the biggest indication to just how overwhelming yesterday was in terms of Lexus news!

Regardless, here’s the official image of the SEMA-bound LX, plus the full breakdown of the modifications:

SEMA 2008: ICON's Lexus LX 570

Click the image for a desktop wallpaper edition

ICON specializes in 4×4s that are typically off-road oriented. But they envisioned something different for the plush yet rugged LX 570. Their approach here is to give the LX a clean and stealthy appearance through clever use of colors and trim, then top with performance improvements to further enhance the appeal of Lexus’ premier luxury utility vehicle.

Click here for the full modification list.

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SEMA 2008: Lexus IS-F by Fox Marketing

Lexus’ official car guide for SEMA 2008 was released today, and showcases six newly modified Lexus vehicles — and here’s the Fox Marketing IS-F:

SEMA 2008: Fox Marketing's Lexus IS-F

Click the image for a desktop wallpaper edition

Fox Marketing and Artisan Performance teamed to create this subtle yet aggressive makeover of the already aggressive IS F. The subtle part involves the numerous bodywork changes, which enhance rather than rethink the lines of the IS F, making it look even more muscular in the process. ‘Aggressive’ can be applied to the engine which gets the full twin-turbo treatment. Fox expects the changes will yield something north of 600 horsepower.

Click here for the full modification list.


  • BASF Glasurit Sunset Orange Pearl paint
  • Webasto Hollandia 9001 sunroof
  • Licensed Fox Marketing front bumper
  • Licensed Fox Marketing side skirts
  • Licensed Fox Marketing rear valance
  • Custom fender flares
  • Lightwurkz BASF Black painted HID headlights
  • Lightwurkz BASF Black tinted taillights
  • Impressive Signs graphics
  • Meguiar’s Car Care Products
  • Paint & body by Powell Customs Interior
  • Black leather seats with blue stitching
  • Callaway golf clubs in the trunk


  • Artisan Twin-Turbo kit
  • Artisan air intake with AMSOIL filter
  • Artisan front mount intercooler
  • Brian Crower connecting rods
  • JE Pistons
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • AMSOIL 0w-30 synthetic engine oil
  • AMSOIL transmission fluid
  • Tuned by Kenny Strickler –


  • Artisan cat-back exhaust


  • Eibach Pro Kit


  • Front: 20×9.5 iForged FS Imola
  • Rear: 20×11.5 iForged FS Imola


  • Front: 255/35-20 Toyo T1R
  • Rear: 305/30-20 Toyo T1R