Lexus USA May 2008 Sales Report

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Lexus sales in the US had another down month, dropping 19.6% since when compared to last May. Here’s the breakdown:

2008 2007 % Change
IS250/350/F 5,420 5,722 -8.8
ES350 6,831 8,572 -23.3
GS350/460/450h 1,708 2,043 -19.5
SC430 216 410 -49.3
LS460/600h L 2,115 3,196 -36.3
Total Cars 16,290 19,943 -21.3
RX350/400h 8,082 9,798 -20.6
GX470 1,394 1,842 -27.1
LX570 827 264 201.7
Total Trucks 10,303 11,904 -16.7
Total Sales 26,593 31,847 -19.6

With so many models three to four years into their cycle, it’s natural for sales to drop, regardless of the financial climate. Add this to the fact that the three newest vehicles in the lineup (IS-F, LSh, LX) retail for an average of $78,500 and could all be considered “specialty” vehicles, and I’m sure Toyota isn’t all that surprised to see this kind of drop.

[Source: Toyota Image by Mujitra]

Lexus Web Game Video

I may have linked to the Lexus Canada’s IS 350 paddleshift game last year, but it turns out I didn’t do well enough to see this secret super revving video:

I’m a big fan of these types of sound visualizations, and near the end it almost looks like the inside of an engine, which in turn reminded me of this excellent BMW M3 commercial.

(Special thanks to Jimmyeater, who’s quick-shifting discovered this.)

Lexus LX 570 in short supply

2008 Lexus LX 570

The newly designed LX 570 is selling very well in the US. Since its introduction in January, it’s been selling an average of 680 units per month. In fact, Kicking Tires has reported that there’s currently only a four-day supply in inventory:

…if you want to order one today, you may have to wait up to 90 days to get one in the color you want with the options you want.

“There’s only a four-days supply of LX 570s in dealer inventory nationwide,” Lexus spokesman Greg Tomei said. A 60-day supply is considered normal. “We don’t give the number out, but from the time it reaches the lot until it leaves the lot, the LX 570 has the quickest turn rate of any vehicle in our lineup.”

Tomei said the sales forecast for the LX 570 is 9,500 units a year, and there are no plans to boost production in order to build dealer inventory. That’s also about how many Range Rover SUVs that Land Rover sells.

Keep in mind this isn’t due to a vehicle shortage, but a controlled inventory to avoid excess units. Also, I would expect most people buying an SUV in this price range would be looking for some specific options and colors, so having the LX 570 on dealership lots doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

Comments Fixed

Due to a technical mix-up, comments have been disabled for the past week. The problem is now fixed, and commenting is once again possible.

It was a poor time for the comment system to go down, so now with the problem resolved, I’m interested to hear your reactions to my hypothesis that the Lexus LF-A concept is actually the new SC. My apologies for the issue.

Motorweek 1990 Video Comparison of the Lexus ES 250 & Infiniti M30

This 1990 segment of Motorweek comparing the Lexus ES 250 and the Infiniti M30 just goes to show how far entry-level luxury cars have come over the last 18 years:

It’s so rare to find anything about the ES 250, and this is the first video review I’ve seen. What’s more, comparing it the M30 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. As the presenter notes, these cars are only similar in that they were the alternative offerings of the new Japanese luxury brands.