Video of the mystery Lexus IS surfaces

The mysterious Lexus IS spotted yesterday has made a video appearance, albeit rather brief and shaky:

The engine note is hard to read, though I would say it’s a V6. The hood bulge would indicate there’s something unusual going on, but whether it’s a hybrid system or even a supercharger is anyone’s guess.

[Via: Jalopnik]

(Thanks Jarrett!)

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Mystery Lexus IS Spotted at Nürburgring

Mystery Lexus IS

Motor Authority’s at it again, this time spotting a camouflaged Lexus IS running the track at Nürburgring.

The excessive tape & tarp are definitely hiding something, especially in the hood, where there’s a extra-large engine bulge:

Mystery Lexus IS Engine Bulge

Judging by the awkward rear stance and the presence of a roll cage, I’m thinking this is a mule for testing a new engine. Funny thing is, the paint job reminds me of the GS 450h that raced the Newfoundland Targa Rally:

Lexus GS 450h in Targa Rally Race

I wonder, could this be a test of the engine destined for the upcoming dedicated hybrid?

(Check out Motor Authority for more pics.)

Lexus LF-A Prototype Interior Spy Shots

Lexus LF-A Carbon Fiber Roof

Motor Authority has scooped some new close-up photos of the LF-A prototypes currently zooming around Nürburgring, including the supercar’s carbon fiber roof (pictured above) and this interior pic (click on either for a larger image):

Lexus LF-A Interior Spy Shot

Testing equipment aside, the interior looks very close to the one seen in the LF-A Roadster concept, with the multi-level dash and sloping center console:

It’s always the same story though, there’s no telling what the final production model may look like.

(Thanks Jarrett & Shrawan!)

Lexus US Price Increases

Lexus Logo

Lexus vehicles will see a bump in their prices by the end of this month, here’s a full table with the increases:

Increase New Price
IS 250 Manual $300 $30,855
IS 250 Auto $300 $32,025
IS 250 AWD $300 $34,485
IS 350 $300 $36,305
ES 350 $300 $34,120
SC 430 $900 $66,355
GS 350 $400 $44,550
GS 350 AWD $400 $46,500
GS 460 $400 $53,020
GS 450h $900 $55,800
LS 460 $900 $62,900
LS 460L $900 $72,900
LS 600hL $900 $104,900
RX 350 $200 $37,700
RX 350 AWD $200 $39,100
RX 400h $300 $41,580
RX 400h AWD $300 $42,980
GX 470 $500 $47,315
LX 570 $900 $74,700

No doubt that this is a result of the slumping US dollar, but it’s still a little strange to see an eight-year-old model like the SC 430 jump $900.