Lexus LX 570 Debuts in China for $179,000 USD

2008 Lexus LX 570

The Lexus LX 570 went on sale today in China today, retailing with the rather extraordinary price tag of 1.3 million yuan, which translates to $179,000 USD, or roughly 242.5% higher than the USA’s retail price of $73,800.

Frankly, an increase of over $100,000 is astounding, yet it’s hardly out of place when looking at the competition. Let’s take a Mercedes GL450, which starts at $56,725 USD stateside. A chinese buyer would have to pay 1.348 million yuan, or $185,600 USD, a whopping 327.2% increase. The BMW X5 4.8i is even worse, though not by much. It retails for $54,500 USD in the States and costs 1.336 million yuan ($184,000 USD), an increase of 337.6%.

Put into this context, it could be said that the Lexus LX 570 is the best deal, but that’s hardly an argument I’d be willing to make.

[Source: GasGoo]

Autoblog Reviews the Lexus LS 460L

2007 Lexus LS 460L

Right from the start, there was something off about Autoblog’s review of the Lexus LS 460L:

It’s tough to pity Lexus LS owners. After all, Executive-Class luxury sedans don’t exactly suck. We wouldn’t blame LS drivers for feeling pangs of over-inconspicuousness whenever they see a Camry, though. Understated luxury is one thing, but when you’re devoting something like two years of the average worker bee’s salary to a frivolity such as a luxury sedan, it’d be nice to have at least some indication to the Serfs that you’re the better man.

I can understand that the subtle and understated look of the LS 460L is unappealing to some, sure. But from that point onwards, it became quite clear there was a distinct break between the reviewer’s preferences and what the car was intended for. You wouldn’t, for instance, expect that “hooning” would be anywhere near the priority list when designing a long-wheelbase executive-class flagship sedan.

The bulk of the review is a very valid critique, but ultimately, it feels like a mismatch.

Lexus IS 350 GT2 to Enter Le Mans Series

Team Lexus IS 350 GT2

There’s certainly some confusion out there today in regards to the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept & the new Team Lexus racer. Thought to be the same car, it turns out that the orange Team Lexus race car may be something entirely different. One thing’s for sure, it’s destined for the Le Mans series GT2 class, rather than the DTM Series in Europe (as was previously thought).

Based on the IS 350, the Lexus IS 350 GT2 will be powered by a V6 that’s expected to pump out 470+hp, and will be making its debut at the Twelve Hours of Sebring in Sebring, Florida (March 15-18, 2008).

Now, the only question that remains, what exactly is the IS-F Racing Concept? Is it the same car or something entirely different?

[Source: World Car Fans]

Update: In an update to their original article, World Car Fans has confirmed my suspicions: the IS 350 GT2 is not the same as the IS-F Racing Concept.

(Thanks Dan!)

Lexus Launches LX 570 Driver Empowered Mini-Site

Lexus LX 570 Mini-Site: Drive Empowered

Mentioned in the Lexus’ LX 570 marketing presentation, the Driver Empowered LX mini-site is now live.

The site’s jam-packed with video footage extolling the SUV’s capabilities. Of particular note is the 360° tour, which manages to inject an infusion of character and presence that has been lacking in images seen so far.

An interesting sidebar, some of these videos have been posted on Youtube by Lexus, using its brand-new, three-day-old account. I’ve included them here, but would recommend watching the much larger versions on the site itself.

Active Height Control/Adaptive Variable Suspension Demo

Watch the rest of the videos

Evo Magazine Reviews the Lexus IS-F

2008 Lexus IS-F

Somewhere along the line, I missed Evo Magazine’s review of the Lexus IS-F, which does a fantastic job at heaping substantial amounts of praise onto the super-sedan:

Before the end of the pit straight, one thing is already beyond dispute. For the way it slaughters distance and the noise it makes, the IS-F is a major piece of hardware. But mostly – and this is the best bit – for the way it locks you into the process. True, there’s an element of PlayStation in the electric linearity of the power delivery and the way the lightning-fast gearshifts merge almost imperceptibly together. This, however, is no whispering, sweetness-and-light Lexus. It’s loud and, quite clearly, it’s angry and out for German blood.

For such a compact car, that 5-litre V8 is an impressively big gun; only the C63 AMG’s 449bhp 6.2 hits harder, but the difference is unlikely to be significant on the road. Lexus claims 0-62mph in 4.9sec, but it feels quicker, simply hurtling out of the circuit’s tighter bends and sustaining a savage lick until well beyond 130mph. But then that LS engine unleashed is a phenomenon: sublimely smooth and flexible, free-spinning all the way to the 7000rpm red line and replete with a completely unsuspected – but quite magnificent – granite-edged bellow that shades all of its rivals for sheer aural drama.

It’s quite obvious that this car is simply a demon on the track, but we won’t really know how it handles the day-to-day until it’s in the hands of customers.

[Source: Evo Magazine]