Automobile Mag: Lexus IS-F Long-Term Test Update

Lexus IS-F in the snow

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post a photo of the Lexus IS-F in the snow, but Automobile Magazine’s Four-Seasons update is definitely worth the quick read as well:

I hand the car off to Mr. Kitman, who makes several trips into and out of New York City. “I love the sound of the V-8 when the secondary cam profile kicks in and all hell breaks loose,” he opines. “But the IS-F is not the most relaxing car to drive”…He reports that the IS-F does cause a stir in New York City – I’ve noticed the same thing where I live. “Parking attendants love it…People seem to know they’re looking at money and speed, which is surely a big part of the equation for those who purchase IS-Fs.”

Come to think of it, has Ezra Dyer ever weighed in on the Lexus super-sedan? That would be something to read.

[Source: Automobile Magazine]

Lexus Enform Service to arrive with the Lexus HS 250h

Lexus HS250h Interior

Arriving late this summer, the Lexus HS 250h will be the first vehicle offered with the new Lexus Enform + Safety Connect telematics system.

Safety Connect, a service that will be offered on both Toyota and Lexus vehicles, provides a support network in the event of an emergency—offering automatic collision detection, locating a stolen vehicle, SOS, and roadside assistance. The other side of it, Lexus Enform is more of a convenience feature, focused on helping users find local points of interest, like recommended restaurants or museums, and even allows owners to load specific locations onto their navigation system.

The two services are distinct, and Safety Connect will be available on non-navigation optioned HS sedans, though it will still require a subscription fee. For more information, you can read Lexus’ full press release for all the details.

Production Lexus LFA to debut at Tokyo Auto Show?

Lexus LFA

This year’s Toyko Motor Show could be the location for a major moment in Lexus history—according to an Edmunds insider, the production version of the Lexus LFA will debut at the October autoshow.

Of course, at this point it’s still a rumor, but when you consider that Toyota’s new president, Akio Toyoda, has been the driving force behind the super car, and combine it with the fact that this will be his first homeland autoshow as the boss, the idea doesn’t sound too far fetched.

(The Tokyo Motor Show could certainly use the boost that an announcement like this would bring—the event has already been cut by four days, and was even in danger of being cancelled.)

Huge news!

[Source: Edmunds]

New Beginnings

The Lexus Enthusiast

Hello, and welcome to The Lexus Enthusiast, otherwise known as the new and improved version of The Passionate Pursuit.

As promised, the name change is the first step in some major improvements coming to the site, in fact, today’s changes also include a move to a new software platform. WordPress, which has powered the site for the last year, just wasn’t able to manage the Lexus Database section of the site, resulting in a lot of broken links and near-impossible updating. The replacement, Expression Engine, is a much more powerful system that can handle the site’s growing complexity, and also allows for some very interesting new features, like user accounts (coming soon!).

Of course, considering the extensive change, don’t be surprised if some functionality is missing or broken. In fact, here’s a list of things that aren’t fully functional: categories, photo galleries, body kit pages, & popular stories.

The rest of this week will be dedicated to fixing any and all bugs that pop up, and if you spot any problems, don’t hesitate to send me a quick message using the site contact form.  Thanks in advance for your patience during the move, I can guarantee it will be worth it!

Michael Bay’s Lexus ES 330 Commercial

Loud, blurry and preposterous, this Lexus ES 330 commercial by Michael Bay would fit neatly into any one of his movies (jump to 1:02 to see the Lexus commercial directly):

Somehow I doubt an airbag is going to save you from being hit by a tractor trailer.