Five Axis Lexus Project GS Unveiled

The eagerly awaited Project GS by Five Axis has been unveiled, and it’s quite handedly the best looking GS I’ve ever seen. Just take a minute and click through each of these images to get an up-close-and-personal look:

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

Five Axis Lexus Project GS

From the extensive widebody conversion right down to the Five:AD R5:F onyx rims, the Project GS hits all the right notes, so much that I barely notice the orange accents — and when I do notice them, they look good…You know what, I love this concept so much I’m going on a photo hunt. More soon.

Click through for a full modification list.

Update: I found some desktop-size images of the Project GS, check out the added gallery.

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SEMA 2008: Video Feature on the Icon Lexus LX 570

This video feature on the Icon modified Lexus LX 570 currently showing at SEMA is a great in-depth look at the matte-black, TRD braked, faux-carbon-fiber-fitted stealth SUV:

Very interesting way of applying the carbon fiber pattern to the OEM interior wood, but it does diminish the appeal. I have a feeling this is a vehicle that doesn’t photograph well, but I bet it’s a great looker in person.

[Via: Jalopnik]

Lexus USA October 2008 Sales Report

Lexus Logo


October was severely unkind to the automotive industry, with almost every company reporting ugly decreases when compared to last year. Lexus was hit something fierce, dropping 37.6% — here’s the model breakdown:

2008 2007 % Change
IS250/350/F 2,772 3,727 -28.4
ES350 4,141 6,516 -38.8
GS350/460/450h 819 1,507 -47.7
SC430 98 316 -70.1
LS460/600h L 1,502 2,951 -51.0
Total Cars 9,332 15,017 -40.2
RX350/400h 5,180 7,940 -37.2
GX470 1,204 2,046 -43.3
LX570 567 116 370.7
Total Trucks 6,951 10,102 -33.7
Total Sales 16,283 25,119 -37.6

The LX 570 continues to defy any sense of logic, closing in on 400% growth over last year, but the other totals are nothing short of brutal. Still, it’s important to note that this isn’t an isolated event in the US — check out the damage over at Autoblog. It’s no small wonder these numbers are from October, because they’re just downright scary.

More 2010 Lexus RX Photos

While last week’s leaked 2010 Lexus RX photos gave us our first peek at the new SUV, the brochure photos were anything but spectacular.

Now we have some new photos to look at, and while they’re still of uneven quality, they capture the RX in real life:

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 1

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 2

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 3

2010 Lexus RX Spy Shot 4

I remain incredibly impressed with the new model, it’s a fantastic progression from the outgoing model. Now that I’ve examined it in more detail, I’m seeing a lot more IS than I initially thought, though I still think the main inspiration was the LX.

[Source: AutoinCar] (Thanks Richard!)

Video of Artisan’s Twin Turbo Lexus IS-F

We’ve seen the official photo and technical breakdown of the Fox Marketing/Artisan Performance Lexus IS-F that’s debuting at SEMA next week, and now here’s the twin turbo kicking it on a dyno:

It’s a good thing this thing is strapped to the dyno, because I don’t imagine it would be easy to video otherwise.