Lexus @ Milan Design Week 2009

Lexus Crystallized Wind

For the last few years, Lexus has been taking part in the Milan Design Week by creating a unique exhibit in collaboration with an artist. Last year, it was the Elastic Diamond with nendo, and this year Lexus has partnered with Huzimoto Takeshi, one of Japan’s up & coming architects, to create Crystallized Wind, or more simply, a fully transparent LFA:

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Here’s some more information from dolcevita:

The concept car on display in Milan boasts a superb range of accessories, gadgets and styling products; all made of the same transparent material. It’s not only about design, said Wahei Hirai, responsible of the project, it goes deeper than that ; we tried to create something really special; we love to work with international artists and designers and a less common kind of collaboration never fails to bring a greater depth of expertise, major improvement and a deeper vision.

It’s also suggested in the Lexus press release that this is an exploration of the L-Finesse design language, but I just think it’s an amazingly cool thing to look at. Milan Design Week happens from April 22-26, so I’m sure photos and information will be forthcoming as the event draws closer.


First 2010 Lexus RX Body Kit?

Japanese body kit manufacturer LX-Mode have wasted no time putting together some aero parts for the new 2010 Lexus RX. No details, only this photo to go on:

2010 Lexus RX in a LX-Mode Body Kit

Looks to be just the front bumper for now, but I’m sure the rest of the kit is on its way.

[Source: LEXUS Times]

Flickr Find: More Lexus GS F-Sport Photos

I’ve been scouring Flickr for the last couple days, waiting for images of the F-Sport models at the Chicago Auto Show to appear — and my patience was rewarded today when I spotted this close-up of the GS taken by pcriso2:

Lexus GS F-Sport

Great shot for sure — so I contact pcriso2 to see if he had any more photos of the models. Lucky for us, he responded with these five images, two of the GS, two of the IS, and one of the IS-C (be sure to click through for larger versions):

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus IS F-Sport

Lexus IS F-Sport

Lexus IS-C Sport

Again, it looks like the IS is outfitted with a custom body kit and grille — which looks fantastic. (I need to get more information on the IS & GS kits.)

Lexus GS F-Sport Photos

Here are some photos of the F-Sport equipped Lexus GS at the Chicago Auto Show, courtesy of Inside Line (again):

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus GS F-Sport

Lexus GS F-Sport

This GS is also sporting a body kit along with a new grille (reportedly created by FiveAxis). No word if these accessories will also be offered in the F-Sport lineup.

I would have liked to see 20″ wheels on the GS, but it’s just nice to see the extension of the F-Sport line. It’s the perfect thing to carry the GS & IS through to their next generation.

Inside Line Tests Lexus IS 250 F-Sport

Lexus IS 250 F-Sport

Now that Lexus’ F-Sport accessories are available for the entire IS & GS lineups, the next question is which parts should be bought first. Well, Edmunds’ Inside Line has the scoop on F-Sport, testing the modifications on an IS 250. Some of the results were very surprising:

Powerslides are impossible with the big tires and little engine, but this car scorches our track with handling numbers that exceed the performance of the mighty IS-F. No, we’re not kidding. This IS runs 71 mph through our slalom, circles our skid pad at 0.89g of lateral grip and stops from 60 mph in just 109 feet.

The last IS-F we tested managed 70.2 mph in the slalom, recorded 0.93g on the skid pad and stopped from 60 mph in 112 feet.

We couldn’t believe it either. But the best part is the F Sport’s highway ride. If you bought an IS-F, you’re probably a regular at the chiropractor by now, but this IS actually rides well, and there’s even less impact harshness than in a stock IS 250.

The improved cornering was credited to the Blisten shocks — which should make them a priority for anyone looking to outfit their IS. Also recommended in the article were the anti-roll bars, the upgraded brakes, and the quick throw shifter.

Beyond that, Edmunds suggests that interested parties pass on the engine cover & exhaust system, and instead invest in a nice, sticky pair of tires.