Car Advice Comparison: The Lexus RC 350 F SPORT vs. BMW 435i

Lexus RC 350 vs BMW 435i

CarAdvice in Australia have compared the Lexus RC 350 F SPORT & BMW 435i in a realistic review:

Lexus has thrown the gauntlet down to the opposition, pricing the RC350 F Sport at $74,000 – just $1000 over the IS350 sedan with which it shares its interior and rear suspension. The 435i coupe, meanwhile, costs $108,530 – $15K over the 335i sedan with which it shares all its fundamentals (engine, chassis).

It’s not uncommon to pay more for something organic like the BMW, versus one that is heavily processed like the Lexus. Equally, however, there’s no denying the win to the best value coupe (literally) by the kilo when it can please drivers and passengers just as well as the one that costs a lot more.

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Lexus NX 200t AWD: By the Numbers

Lexus NX 200t F SPORT

Car & Driver has put the Lexus NX 200t AWD to the test and reports the results:

The numbers we got at the track won’t exactly light your hair on fire, the NX accelerating from zero to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds and hitting the quarter-mile in 15.3 seconds at 92 mph. That 60-mph time ties that of the last Q5 2.0T we tested yet lags more than 0.7 second behind both the lighter BMW X1 xDrive28i and the heavier X3 with the same engine.

On the plus side, the four [cylinder engine] is quiet, more so than even the hybrid by two decibels at a 70-mph cruise (66 decibels versus 68). Activate the “active sound control” system in Sport mode, however, and the cabin fills with a pleasantly barky, if technically inauthentic, engine note.

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Next Generation Lexus LS to be a Fuel Cell Vehicle?

Lexus LS Next-Generation

According to Japanese magazine Best Car, the next-generation Lexus LS will be a Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) powered at least in part by hydrogen.

Not being able to read Japanese, I can only go by the pictures on the page — here’s the key illustration:

Lexus LS Fuel Cell Illustration

Let’s compare it to the Toyota Fuel Cell System found in the Toyota Mirai:

Lexus Toyota Mirai

There are some visible differences between the two setups, which makes sense — the Mirai has a drive motor capable of 151 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque, fine in a small car but wouldn’t work in the Lexus flagship sedan.

Even so, it’s tough to say if this Fuel Cell system would be a compliment to the next-generation LS’s internal combustion engine or replace it all together.

Here’s the full page from Best Car, if anyone out there can provide more details:

Lexus LS Fuel Cell Best Car Full Page

(And how about the headlights on the LS rendering? I might just like them.)

[Source: Best Car]

Lexus Considering V8 Supercars Racing Series in Australia

Lexus RC F GT3

Lexus Australia recently confirmed its interest in taking part in the country’s V8 Supercars touring car championship series — from Car Advice:

“We’ve had very high-level discussions with V8 Supercars,” Hanley told CarAdvice at the local launch of the Lexus RC350 in Melbourne today. “V8 Supercars never approached me, any interest we have shown has come from Lexus. We intitiated a high-level discussion.

“It is certainly something we’re examining. Are we interested? The truth is yes we are [and] frankly we think that RC F may suit that landscape in the future.”

Traditionally, only V8 sedans have been permitted to take part in the series, but a rule change in 2017 will allow coupes to take part.

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Lexus IS Named Best Executive Car in Scottish Car of the Year Awards

Lexus IS Scottish Car of the Year

The Lexus IS has been named Executive Car of the Year in the Scottish Car of the Year Awards:

Alasdair Suttie, [Association of Scottish Motoring Writers] President, said: “In a marketplace dominated by German offerings, the Lexus IS delivers a unique take on the compact luxury theme. It feels fresh and different to the more obvious choices and the standard kit list in lengthier too.

“At its most desirable in hybrid form, this is a car that’s subtle and respectable. The hybrid drivetrain works well and offers a refined alternative to the usual diesel choices, while the low CO2 is good news for company car drivers.”

[Source: Lexus UK Blog]