New Lexus NX Commercial from Australia

Lexus Australia Commercial

Lexus Australia has released their new NX commercial, and it’s a good one:

(Really like the end screen graphics on this commercial — very nice spindle grille to Lexus logo transition.)

Photo Gallery: Lexus LFA at Fuji Speedway

Lexus LFA Sport Auto Feature

German magazine Sport Auto travelled to the Fuji Speedway in Japan for one last lap with the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition.

The full German language article can be read here — I really liked the accompanying photos:

See the full Sport Auto article (Thanks Jimbo!)

New Lexus RC F Video from Japan

Lexus RC F Carbon Package

The RC F has also officially launched in Japan — the Lexus Japan website has been updated, and there’s a new track video well worth watching:

TRD Japan Releases Lexus RC F SPORT Aero Kit

Lexus RC F SPORT TRD Parts

Official Lexus tuner TRD Japan has released images of the world’s first RC F SPORT aero kit:

The kit starts off with a front underspoiler and side skirts:

Lexus RC F SPORT Front & Side

There’s a carbon fiber rear spoiler and a rear diffuser with a quad-exhaust muffler setup:

Lexus RC F SPORT Rear Spoiler

A set of 19-inch forged aluminum wheels complete the options:

Lexus TRD Aluminum Fordged WHeels

The front underspoiler is a reasonable ¥48,600 ($455 USD), and the side skirts are in the same ballpark at ¥64,800 ($608 USD).

Get into the rear options and things get expensive fast — the carbon fiber spoiler is ¥135,000 ($1,266 USD) and the rear diffuser with sport exhausts come in at ¥263,520 ($2,472 USD).

The 19-inch wheels will retail for an astounding ¥542,700 ($5,091 USD).

[Source: TRD Japan]

New Lexus RC F SPORT Video from Japan

Lexus RC F SPORT Japan

The RC & RC F SPORT have officially launched in Japan — the Lexus Japan website has been updated, and a new (and unusual) video has been released: