Lexus NX Nominated for 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year

Lexus NX North America Award

The Lexus NX has made the short list for the 2015 North American Truck/Utility of the Year, joining 11 other vehicles including the Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford F-150, Porsche Macan, and Toyota Highlander.

Next up, the award judges will choose three finalists from the group before naming a winner at the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

[Source: Autoblog]

Initial Lexus NX Orders in Japan Surpass Yearly Sales Goal

Lexus NX Japan Sales

The Lexus NX is set to make a big sales impact in Japan — in just over a month, 9,500 orders have been made at dealerships. This is 1,357% of the expected sales goal of 700 units per month, meaning a full year’s inventory has already been sold.

It’s important to note that the final sales of these vehicles will be stretched over several months due to available stock, the 9,500 orders would represent a 20% increase over the 46,772 vehicles sold in Japan last year.

[Source: Lexus Japan & JADA]

Updated Lexus RC F Performance Numbers

Lexus RC F Motor Trend Test

Lexus provided Motor Trend with an RC F updated with its final powertrain tuning for a raw performance test:

It turns out we were able to achieve faster numbers than in the previous test. This time, our RC F hit 60 mph from a standstill in just 4.3 seconds, a 0.2 second improvement over the first RC F we had in our possession. Previously, we had noted that the RC F’s competitor, the BMW M4, scoots from 0-60 mph in 4.0 seconds, while the all-wheel-drive Audi RS 5 comes in even quicker at 3.9 seconds.

When it comes to the quarter mile, the Lexus RC F managed 12.7 seconds @ 112.2 mph. This is a bit off the BMW M4, which completes the task in 12.2 seconds, and the Audi RS 5’s 12.3 seconds.

The RC F is 400 lbs. heavier than the M4 and only .3 seconds slower? Seems pretty amazing to me, but I have to ask — does anyone out there actually think these numbers make a difference outside of paper racing?

[Source: Motor Trend]

Photo Gallery: Lexus RC 350 F SPORT in Downtown Toronto

Lexus RC F SPORT Ste Ho

Photographer Ste Ho recently took the Lexus RC 350 F SPORT on a late-night tour of downtown Toronto:

(Ste has also just launched a new portfolio website that features plenty of Lexus vehicles — be sure to check it out.)

CAR Magazine Reviews the Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F CAR Magazine

Chris Chilton from CAR Magazine has reviewed the Lexus RC F, where the coupe is damned with faint praise in the way of most British Lexus reviews:

On track, it feels absolutely faithful, the steering has a reassuring linearity to it and the brakes are strong. But it never feels as nimble or controlled as the BMW, even with the smart diff working its magic, and lacks the wallop you get in the M4 when you plant the throttle on the exit of a corner.

On the road it fares much better. The ride is mostly good, and while the paucity of low and mid-range power is even more apparent, the engine is actually a bit of a charmer. The interior, lifted straight from the IS saloon, is a lovely thing too.

Read the CAR Magazine Lexus RC F Review