New Lexus F Performance Commercial Featuring the RC F

Lexus F Family

Lexus has released its first commercial featuring the new RC F coupe — here’s the full 60 second video:

The commercial is part of an initiative to familiarize consumers with the F performance brand — there’s also this new print ad (click for a larger image):

Lexus F Performance Print Ad

(It may be confusing for enthusiasts to see true F performance models together with the GS & IS F SPORT, but this is a campaign targeted at the general public — utilizing the RC F and LFA to sell more F SPORT models has been the plan all along.)

Read more about the new F Marketing Campaign


  • Crux

    I remember when they first announced the F moniker. A ludicrous amount of ppl laughed and came up with all sorts of puns. Now ppl can’t get F’in enough.. hehe

    I think F is so badass! Whoever picked this letter is gangsta. Love it, it is very proper, very menacing badge.Now that grunt just need to keep showing up in all future F line up.

    • Levi

      Agree, “F” is nice, like the F-word.

    • Lexus Cohen

      The F is from the Fuji Speedway where the IS F was created.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    I would say Lexus should have two separate commercial the First only featuring the F – Sport range , followed by the True F high peferfmance models i.e IS-F introduces the RC-F then topping it off with LFA coupe. Now that would have made much more sense both for the unware consumer and the current Lexus Enthusaist!

  • Joshd

    eh i’m not a fan of the ad…. I know they are trying to target the 30s+ males here, but to me it screams too much.

  • Black Dynamite

    Not bad. Not bad…..

  • BOSS

    The music is cool.

  • Mike DeLorca

    Love it ! Glad to see the aggressiveness in the “F” line. I do agree with others, that the F Sport and true “F” High Performance Line needs more clarification to the general public. We all know the difference, but does the audience or the future LEXUS prospective buyer, know the difference ? One very positive aspect is that this only creates more pure LUXURY designation with the remaining Models. For those who do not want the Sport, the true softer full LUXURY line will be there for offering. This brand is going in the right diverse direction. More Models, more diversity.

  • Jay

    They have some nice footage, but couldn’t help but imagine how much better it would’ve been if they got the guy who was the voice of Lexus commercials in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

  • Erich Kerner

    Lexus should build F models for both cars – the IS and GS – VERY quick….. i think that´s what the customers wonna see from Lexus in the near future.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Oh yeah I think there too much attention on the 7 deadly sin here, nothing was focusing on the actual cars.

  • leopard08

    im sorry guys, when it comes to adverts. lexus is getting way too excited and desparate. there was no need to feature the none F models here “IS and GS”. infact there is no need to even mention the f-sport. ppl should learn about f-sport at dealer shops and the ppl themselves will take the word to the streets. please lexus stop braging, it only makes you look desparate. F models yes we should know about them, keep the f-sport quiet, let customers descover them on their own

    • BlackDyanmiteOnline

      Lexus is redesigning their image, and looking to attract younger buyers.
      Excellent ad idea and branding, decent execution…..

  • Wenbo

    I don’t own a Lexus so I’m not familiar with the “F” model, however, Lexus isn’t going to attract any new enthusiasts with this campaign. The commercial is incredibly confusing and waters down the brand.

  • TedZchicago

    Brand dilution aside: If they only want to sell their cars to men…it’s genius. On the other hand, like a lot of car ads, it turns off women because we just show up as accessories, trophies, sex object/substitute for car. When are they going to put women in the driver’s seat of thee cool cars? Are men so threatened by a woman who can “drive”? Seems like it would be a sexy approach to both male and female consumers.

  • Simple Math

    IS model is too small. LS is too big. GS is perfect, but only come with V6. Please make GS 460 or GS-F. Give Lexus enthusiast something to buy.

    • F Toy

      GS-F rumored to be in the works with twin-turbo version of IS-F (2UR GSE) 5 Liter V8….

  • Bruinman86

    So who’s the Blonde?

  • Steve

    Funny, all Lexus commercials are freeze playback on Check out Comcast support forums. Commercials have been busted for month.

  • jake

    looking for the commercial where the guy catches his girl with the a shirtless guy

  • steve

    a performance mark of “F”…???

    what is Lexus marketing dept thinking!?