Production Lexus NX Compact Crossover Leaked?

Production Lexus NX

An unusual slide was shown during Toyota CEO Jim Lentz’s speech to the Society of Automotive Analysts prior to the Detroit Auto Show — while talking about Lexus in 2014, an image of what looks like a production LF-NX compact crossover was shown:

There’s little reason to doubt the authenticity of this image, which is good news — the production NX takes the wild concept and shaves away the excess, leaving an extremely attractive compact crossover.

The spindle grille has a very natural look, which is one of the bonuses of working with a brand new vehicle — it takes the current RX and improves on the overall design, integrating cues from the IS & RC models.

What does everyone think?

Here’s the video that shows the NX, jump to 10:40 to see the reveal:

[Source: America JR via: Autoblog]


  1. It looks awesome! They just need to release high quality official photos. :)
  2. Finally, I've been waiting for this baby RX for a while now. This is my next vehicle.
  3. Whoops! Possibly a mistake or something lately uncharacteristic of Toyota/Lexus, silent reveal in which no direct references are made to the actual vehicle. Reminds me of how Chrysler teased future mid-90s models in a 1992 documentary.
  4. Wow was that an accidental leak or purposely leaked
  5. Please, no leaking on stage. Thank you
  6. That SUV better have dual exhaust and Fsport, this might be my first SUV. Sorry RX Fsport!
  7. It looks actually quite nice and elegant like the 90s Lexus design!
  8. Woah ! It's quite crazy in term of designs !
  9. Reminds me of the Infiniti FX. But still looks great.
  10. Oh no! Lexus is cheapening the brand with awful turbo-engines.
  11. I really like what I'm seeing. The added visual aggression of an F Sport model would suit my tastes perfectly.
  12. If this is really the final production model then why would the LF name carry on? On my mind, this car should be called the Lexus NX, not LF NX. #justsayin
    • Yes. That's strange!
    • Production car name will carry the NX 200t or NX 300h names. The video is making reference to the concept car "LF-NX"
    • Highly intentional. Not that I work for Lexus, but it's better to indirectly tease/unofficially reveal a future product and not make direct references to what it actually is. Lentz is not going to say, "Here's our new NX, that isn't the concept we showed you earlier." Having already shown the LF-NX concept, leave it up to the public to their own notes of the newly revealed differences and give no further details on your future products. It works better that way, until an official presentation.
  13. And Mr. Lentz is today still CEO? Then it was his job to leak this. The Geneva autoshow starts on March, 6...
  14. Was seriously counting on the production NX to resemble more closely the concept. Sadly, many of the striking elements appear too softened or gone: 1. the shortened bottom spindle grill (like the base RX), 2. the round single projector lights (like the IS) - where's the cubic lights similar to the RC's? 3. The wheels are small and uninspiring in design, no where near the beautiful concept's wheels. I'm really hoping an F-Sport model is available with nicer larger wheels and a lower mesh spindle grill like the IS F-Sport or RC F for me to consider trading in my RX F-Sport. Finger's crossed
  15. I expect the F-Sport version to look very much like the concept, with a mesh grille..... BD
  16. Is it just me or does that front angle shot resembles the last gen Rav4?
  17. This is a Fake. Real NX will have 3 L lights as RCF but in line. Will be much more cool than this.