Videos: The Lexus RC F at the Detroit Auto Show

Lexus RC F Detroit Auto Show

It’s been a week since the Lexus RC F revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, and that makes it a great time to revisit the coupe’s debut — let’s start with Kelly Blue Book, who have some nice footage from the show floor:

Here are three short, high-quality videos of the new coupe:

This last video from shows the new Remote Touch system in action:

The Ultrasonic Blue exterior of the RC F really shows itself off well in every one of these videos, and looks even better in real life — have to think the color benefited from the same painting process used for the Red on the standard RC.


  • BOSS

    Why are they saying 450hp? is it the actual specs released from Lexus? last time I heard, the company said over 450.

  • corradoMR2

    The more I see this car, the more I want one. Even the 350 is growing on me despite the gaping maw.

  • Travis

    The paint finish on these cars are epic. Really looks like a high dollar machine looks very expensive. I dont get this vibe when looking at the M4.

  • leopard08

    my goodness. lexus got me hooked! even the RC350 is equally good looking

  • Lexus Cohen

    At this pace Lexus will be on top again.