Lexus Announces RC F to Debut at Detroit Auto Show

Lexus RC F Detroit

Lexus today confirmed that the F performance model will be making its debut at the Detroit Autoshow in January — here’s the full high-resolution teaser image:

Lexus F

Not much can been seen in the photo other than the Michelin Pilot Super Sports and the large fender side vent, but this is clearly a F version of the RC coupe that debuted in Tokyo last month.

Not a bad time to recall the RC F prototypes speeding around Nürburgring earlier this year:

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Front

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Side

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Rear

Here’s the full press release:

Designed from the asphalt up, to strike at the heart, the newest Lexus F model will debut at the January 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Engineered from scratch, one performance layer at a time, the newest F model promises a bold, gritty, experience synonymous with the famed Lexus F heritage.

The Lexus press conference will be shown live online at Follow the hashtag #AsphaltUp for more developments.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  • OlFius

    Good news !

    No information about the RC F Sport edition ?

  • Crux

    Only one F model? A bit slow but I’ll take it. Hooray!

  • 3pipes

    That wheel arch is damn good.

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    I want one so bad! Make mine Ultrasonic blue with red leather interior.

  • darkride

    Gives them a way to have something fresh at majority of the upcoming auto shows. Gets people/media to their floor. Why the RC (Japan), CT(LA), RC-F(Detroit), NX(Geneva), RC F-Sport (Chicago??), etc so spread out.

    I will be there in Detroit so I look forward to this.

  • Guest

    I was planning to GET Audi RS7… but I think I have to wait for that XD
    Looks nice though from the wheels ;)

  • Hamed Al Sayes

    I was planning to get Audi RS7 but I guess I have to wait for that :D
    Looks nice from the wheels though ;)

  • Lasse J. Nordvik

    Also,the next ISF is not that far off.

  • 05rollaxrs

    Finally, Lexus is putting some great sticky tires on a Lexus. They deprived Lexus LFA of some great sticky tires, but looks like they would not do that to the RC-F.

  • Puppet H

    Now this looks spectacular! And we haven’t even seen the full body yet!

  • Levi

    I’m hearing it gets 480 PS. Almost 60 PS more than IS-F. By the way, M3/M4 will be revealed on 12 December. Of topic, Lamborghini will also reveal its Gallardo successor before Chistmas, and Toyota should have a Supra Concept at Detroit. Exciting times ahead. The Toyota GT86 has been a blessing for all.

  • DillonD

    Same here dude!!!! Or black on red…maybe both!

  • Lexus Cohen

    Santa, I’ve been a very good husband. I love my GS Fsport but I also want a red RC F with flaxen interior or even red.

  • krew

    Yeah, one thing at a time — just happy there’s a new F model to talk about. :-)

  • krew

    Will you be there on the press days? I’ll be attending.

  • krew

    Not a bad decision either way!

  • Edwin Mejia

    same here man with carbon fiber wing!

  • Travis

    GSF isnt too far off either

  • Carmaker1

    That may be the very vehicle that is quoted to use a TTV6, as against the RC-F. The Lexus personnel who were interviewed, cleverly referred to the “IS-F successor”, and not the RC-F itself.

    It’s better to have the IS-F to have less output than the RC-F, so the GS-F can take the higher position.

  • n6600

    This got me thinking – how do we know that this is really RC-F and not GS-F? I know that design is more RC like, but what if GS-F has changed design a little, too?