Lexus RC F Coupe Prototype Racing on Nürburgring

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Racing

The Lexus RC F prototype has been caught on the Nürburgring in Germany — here are some photos from World Car Fans:

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Front

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Side

Lexus RC F Nürburgring Rear

The RC appears to have an active rear spoiler similar to the LFA, meaning it raises and lowers depending on vehicle speed — here’s a closer look:

Lexus RC Active rear spoiler

The full photo gallery is extensive, showing the prototype from all angles — with the LFA design cues in the front end, the LFA rear spoiler, and an update to the Remote Touch system, this coupe looks to be exactly what Lexus needs.

[Source: World Car Fans]


  1. Photo still are cool and all. We need videos since it was taken at the green hell. Go find the video Krew and link it to us. ty
  2. Keep the great news coming buddy!
  3. carscoops has video!
  4. video is too sick. it will be a beast
  5. Lexus has seem to have got the most important aspect correct. Dimension. It looks nice. Imagine how nice the final product will look
  6. I don't understand why you keep referring to this car as the "RC F Coupe." It is very clear from all the pictures so far that this is a two door IS F. The interior is the same as the 2014 IS (with slight modifications) and the front end has headlights that resemble the IS as well (particularly the separated L-shaped DRLs). The only confusing element is the GS taillights, but I think that may be there as a placeholder. There is little to no evidence that this is a completely new model.
    • most likely there wont be an official "IS Coupe". and unless there is concrete info otherwise, imo this car is also the rumored "GS coupe". it sits perfectly in between the IS and GS and fits the demographic for both IS and GS coupes. also imo, there may not be an ISF for a while, if ever. think about it. BMW stopped production of the M3 sedan way earlier than the coupe because there was a lack of demand. so imo lexus will not spend the money to develop an ISF and instead build a RCF which is in essence an "ISF Coupe". yes, there will be a next gen M3 and M4, but bmw also makes the M5, M6, and M6 gran coupe. in other words, they pimp out a ton of models. lexus isnt like that and imo will consolidate the IS coupe and GS coupe into the RC. this also leaves open the possibility of an SC to slot between the GS and LS...
    • I respect your opinion, but what you are saying simply isn't correct. This is a two door IS F. It will come out as a 2015 model. This has been in their plans for some time now and the car is basically finished. If it was a different model (e.g. GS, RC, etc.), the car wouldn't have an IS interior. And it is easy to see that this car is not a mule, it's a fully developed car nearing production. You can tell it is over 90% finished as the exterior design of the car is finished (there are no hacked together panels, etc.). This car is clearly not in its early stages of development anymore, it is just undergoing its final testing and tuning. This late phase of development makes it even more significant that it has an IS interior; it identifies the car with almost complete certainty.
    • Confusing. Other than the interior, I cannot see an IS from it. Exterior is more GS than IS. Perhaps RC is a combinationof IS and GS. If this is not the RCF, Im leaning towards GSF not ISF. For me, it looks like a midsizer not compact.
    • Both the IS and GS sedans are modified versions of the same platform already, so it would make sense for test mules to share parts (like the taillights). This will be called the RC though. Lexus has already filed the trademark around the world with the intention of using it as the moniker for the production version of the LF-CC concept (which is a two-door IS in theory).