Video: Lexus Super GT GT500 Race Car in the Rain

Lexus Super GT GT500 Race car

Here’s the very first video of the Lexus Super GT GT500 race car — this thing is a monster:

The race car is powered by a Lexus-developed 2000cc, inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine — could it be related to the 2.0L four-cylinder turbo expected to reach the Lexus lineup next year?

(Thanks knoxviue!)


  • jezze

    man the mist coming from behind makes it so much better

  • Roman Pogoretskiy

    Sounds like a crotchrocket. Lol
    Idk if I hear a supercharger or a turbo… maybe both… Not sure what the regulations are but that’s one heck of a fast car!!

  • rsxterminator

    i think it will share the same engine from the 2014 super formula car.

  • brian

    same at first I thought it was a supercharger whine, not many turbos have a whine that loud…unless its the tranny whine.

  • WorldofLuxury

    Those taillights remind me of the LFA. I wish that the CTh taillights were more aggressive like the LFA’s rather than flowery. Even the LF-Ch had aggressive taillights mimicking a couple LF-A concepts.

  • nj101

    For me it sounds like the Toyota TS030 specially when downshifting and the blasting sound is obviously a turbo, was it powered by a turbocharged hybrid?

  • Roman Pogoretskiy

    I was thinking the tranny too but that’s kinda weird for it to be that loud. Trannies usually sound like that when they’re broken.

  • Bert

    I love the car and I can’t wait to see it in action at the races. Now I’m going to throw up due to the motion sickness caused by the worst camera operator on earth.

  • krew

    I like the excitement, but they should really invest in a tripod.

  • markus

    does anyone have clue as to why would lexus use now a two liter turbo and/or supercharged engine… when , to my understanding, nissan and honda used last yeear a big na-v8, and they to my understanding also were different size, one is 5.6 other a 3.4…

  • MD

    This needs to have a high-revving engine for the production car in order for it to be a massive hit. That will tie its racing car roots. If Toyota puts a 6700 – 7000 rpm redline on it then forget it. Too many low revving engines out there in performance cars that all sound the same.

  • nj101

    Toyota can easily puts a 10000rpm redline in their 2-liter-4-pot-turbocharged engine if they want to. A smaller engine of the turbocharged celica can easily take down a 7000rpm on its belly. I hope that the RCF will be touted as the LFA for the masses not only in design but also in performance.

  • Travis

    Sounds and looks epic . Toyota has a serious dual personality.

  • Crux


  • 05rollaxrs

    No way is that a turbo engine. It is definitely a naturally aspirated engine that is very high revving. It looks to me like another one of those Yamaha masterpieces. After the LFA engine, I am sure Lexus wanted Yamaha to build a 4-cylinder super high revving engine to use in the race car and then mate it to a hybrid.
    So my take, it is a high-revving 4 cylinder engine with a hybrid motor on it. No way FI engine.

  • Ayo DocMkize

    Sounds Epic ,looks sicc Ladies and Gents i think the RCF is your winner for 2014 when it comes out the in the Lexus Range.I know from next year onwards everyone will be solely focused on this car both at the NUR and the Suzuka circuit for a Showdown.

  • nj101

    500+hp for a 2liter NA engine? Doable but for sure Lexus will not risk getting those numbers while sacrificing reliability.