More Illustrations of the Rumored Lexus RC F Coupe

Lexus RC F Holiday Auto

The September issue of Japanese magazine Holiday Auto has a five-page spread on the upcoming Lexus RC F, and included in the article are several illustrated attempts at what the new Lexus coupe might look like — here are the full pages (click for higher resolution):

Lexus RC F Holiday Auto

Lexus RC F Holiday Auto

As is the case with any Japanese magazines, I’m at a loss regarding the actual article — from what little I can understand, Holiday Auto suggests the RC F will be capable of 300km/h, and could be released in September 2014.

[Source: Holiday Auto]


  • MikeVossen

    DO WANT!!!

  • stevo

    I really hope it doesn’t look exactly like this. Nit aggressive enough and I don’t like certain design elements

  • BlackDynamiteOnline


  • DillonD

    The GS rear looks so good on this! (and the GS, of course)
    SO excited!

  • abed

    look at the 2nd picture…i see that this car looks almost exactly like the lf-lc….that front end….

  • OlFius

    Somewhere still room for the fog lights ?

  • bob.

    Would like to see this with IS style rear lights… why go down that path on the IS and not use it elsewhere… could also see it on a facelift CT.

  • rsxterminator
  • ECLIPSE9519

    I need this in my life!