Skipper Design 2013 Lexus LS in Black & White

Skipper Design LS

Skipper Design has released two new photo galleries of their 2013 Lexus LS body kits — let’s start with a Ultra White LS F SPORT with black carbon fiber:

There’s also this Obsidian LS F SPORT with silver carbon fiber:

For more details on the Skipper kit, you can check out my earlier post or visit the Skipper website.

[Source: Skipper Design Facebook]


  • 00E2I_2UX3J

    the white one is very nice.
    the silver carbon fiber on the black on is probably better appreciable in person.
    overall, nice kit-not overdone

  • William A

    The exhaust pipes are the epitome of overdone imo. If they wanted a quad-exhaust look they should have executed it better than just shoving some tips in the already-existing housing.

  • Ian Schmidt

    The white one is lowered a little too much, it makes the wheels look odd.  On the black one that’s not as much of a problem, probably due to the lower contrast between the tire and the body.