Autocar Drives the Next-Generation Lexus IS 300h

Next-Generation Lexus IS

In advance of next-generation Lexus IS launch at the Detroit Auto Show in January, a select group of automotive magazines have been given an advance look at the next-generation sedan — Autocar has posted the very first review, with plenty of information to go through:

The UK will be getting two models: a V6 petrol-powered IS250…and the new IS300h driven here, which combines a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor and a battery pack.

Remarkably, Lexus is aiming to get the IS300h certified at “under 100g/km”. The new car is based on the same new rear-drive platform as the recently-launched GS, although the wheelbase has been shortened and the track is also slightly narrower.

How does the next-generation IS drive?:

On the road, the IS300h is refined and easygoing. It’s fluid on winding roads and has a decent amount of bite in the steering. The overwhelming sense is of effortless progress with a reasonable dash of driver involvement. It is also impressively swift to switch into EV mode in urban traffic, something other hybrids are reluctant to do. It was hard to be definitive about by the ride, which was excellent on smooth roads but thumped somewhat on broken Los Angeles concrete.

Autocar also included this photo of the instrument panel:

Next-Generation Lexus IS Instrument Panel

As the first-ever review of the next-generation IS, this Autocar article is a must-read — there should be more reviews showing up throughout the day, stay tuned!

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  • Brendan

    Love the instrument cluster. Obviously styled directly after the LFA.

  • Wilovanny

    The lfa style interior is amazing.

  • Yong Thian Ding

    When I first saw the instrument panel , I thought … Why you show LFA’s instrument panel on next-generation Lexus IS ? … until I realize this have much lower rev . :D

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    I would expect the current engines to carry over, and add the 300h hybrid to the mix.  The AR Turbo should be ready in a year or two.

    Toyota/Lexus has done a good job of keeping weight down, with the GS being the lightest car in it’s class.  Maybe they get the IS250 under 3400 lbs, and the IS350 under 3500 lbs (currently 3527 lbs)?

    • F1orce

      While the IS250 isn’t really fast. But it really isn’t as bad as some here make it out to be.. From 0-60 it’s the slowest compared with the IS350. But after 60 it catches up.. And goes pretty fast.
      Not to mention unlike 4-cylinders, the 2.5L is the 4GR-FSE V6 which is very smooth and refined unit.

      The IS350 on the other hand is a beast !

      So I’m guessing IS250 base, IS300H middle & like usual IS350 the top model?..

  • mr2

    Look at the hood. It is like in the IS-F, little higher. 5.0 would fit, probably…The instrument panel is amazing…

  • Ljn71

    Looks very promising! I simply adore the “LFA meets GS” interior,and hope the RC will have the same interior design.

  • William A

    I would buy this for that instrument panel alone. My favorite feature of the LFA in a more affordable package? Win.

  • dhgjatg

    Does that tach slides?


    man is the is250 still getting the same weak 2.5 engine?

  • darkride

    Photos of IS300h F-Sport Interior

    Thanks to k3vo for uploading pics from

    • wasapasserby

      They did a very good job of taping over all the interior finishes: black leather meets electrical tape.

  • WHY?!

    For some reason I feel Lexus is going to come up short with the new IS because of the same engine there going to shove back into the 250. Really disappointing….

  • wasapasserby

    Edmunds Review up:

    8 spd auto!

    • John Branco

      IS 350 only I believe.

  • John Branco

    Disappointing to see that the antiquated foot pedal operated parking brake has been carried over to 2014. Most annoying feature on my 2010 IS.

  • Tamarisk

    Instrument panel ftw!