Inside Line Drives the 2013 Lexus ES

Lexus ES Inside Line

Inside Line’s Erin Riches has posted her first drive impressions of the 2013 Lexus ES, and while she finds it improved over the previous generation, the overall review is lukewarm.

Bottom line: “Once again, the ES 350 is exactly what the fatigued commuter ordered.”

Read the Inside Line First Drive Review


  • Crux

    Have you seen some of the comments on that forum? Bunch of Trolls, makes me laugh & mad at the same time. 

  • krew

    The only place I read comments is on this site. :-)

  • Justindmps

    Im surprised they didn’t say anything about how quiet it was, since Lexus said this is going to be the most quiet lexus ever made…
    Off topic is it just me or is the nissan altima seem to have “adopted” the Lexus spindle grill?

  • BlackDynamiteNY

    They keep throwing me off the site because I spend all my time throwing facts at trolls, and the site defends the trolls……