New Lexus GS 450h F Sport Video from Europe

Here’s a new Lexus GS 450h video that debuted during the Geneva Motor Show last week:

The GS 450h F Sport fits the dual Lexus message of performance and environmental responsibility so well — I’ve driven a GS 350 F Sport and a GS 450h, and merging the two would seem like an ideal balance. It’s going to be interesting to watch how European (and Japanese) customers react to the model.


  • WorldofLuxury

    Marketing variants won’t be easy. Imagine being the dealer had the GSh F Sport been included.

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    Lexus has decided, according to Motor Trend, not to bring the RX F-Sport here.  And it looks like the GS 450h F-Sport will have to prove itself overseas before coming.

    Broadening the GS range can only help.  They are trying to build market share, right?  
    I’d offer a smaller engine too.

  • Travis

    The GS-F looks sooooo good in black !

  • 05RollaXRS

    You mean, GS F-Sport. Not GS-F. Yes?  :-)

  • 05RollaXRS

    Europe/Asian markets can gladly keep the GS450h F-Sport there and no need to bring it here as long as in the grand plan of Lexus, GS-F will grace the North American market.

  • Travis

    lol yea what you said