Lexus GS Makes Big Sales Impact in Japan

Lexus GS 350

Some staggering numbers coming out of Japan today — according to Response, over 6,000 GS 250/350/450h models have been pre-ordered by Japanese customers, which is ten times more than the original sales goal of 600 units a month.

(Put into context, Lexus Japan sold 42,365 units in total last year, meaning that if all other models were to sell the same for 2012, 6,000 GSs would boost overall sales by 12% — and that’s just pre-orders.)

[Source: Response (translated)]


  • WorldofLuxury


  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    In other words, Japan has pre-ordered about one year’s supply of GS

  • Ff

    The big question is, will the GS have enough guns to take out the E-class and 5 series in U.S ?

  • Anonymous

     I like your point. But hey, I hope they give the rest of the world a fair share too.. =’)

  • Pedro Roldao

    Well done Lexus!!!
    I hope new GS to have the same success here in Europe.
    Or at least to be a leap forward in terms of sales, comparing to the old GS.

  • Dunraven77

    That’s certainly impressive but I understand that new models always sell in huge numbers in JDM.

    Having the latest… is important to a large segment of Japanese society.

  • KaizenFactor

    It’s selling like hot cakes in Japan for a good reason, they get F Sport w/FOGLAMPS!!! Despite the fact we are the largest market for Lexus (USA) we don’t get fogs for our F Sport car. 

  • DuDE

    Forget the fog lamps!.we wont even get a hybrid with F-sport!

  • Erich Kerner

    with these numbers in mind, i hope Lexus will sell the new ES in Japan as well….

  • Blofeld

     My bro who cares these craps like E-class and 5 series in U.S??

  • BOSS

    Very good news, proud.

  • Pedro Roldão

    But Japan is a country with much fog, just like GB.
    In many countries fog lights are used less than 5% or less of the driving time.

    GS success surely not depend on that

  • emptystreets130

    I don’t think they will sell the ES in Japan. They haven’t had the ES in their lineup since launch. They don’t even have the LX or GX in their lineup.

  • Hkir

    I heard the ES was going RHD ..

  • Bobby

    Well this is good. Ive actually seen a lot of new GS’s on my business trip to cali. Saw about 7 on the streets in my weekend stay. I’d say sales are doing well. 

  • Hkir

    California has tons of luxury cars cruising around..

  • krew

    That all depends on if Lexus is unable to adjust inventory — but your point is likely correct.

  • krew

    In my mind, there’s nothing wrong with being third place behind the E-Class & 5-series.

  • krew

    We’ll know soon enough — I think the GS 250 is going to help a lot in that regard.

  • krew

    Fair enough — we saw the same thing with the CT and the HS. I’m sure there are experts that can extrapolate data from the number of Japanese pre-sales, but that’s beyond my ability. :-)

  • krew

    This man will not rest until the USA gets F Sport fog lamps!

  • krew

    This, to me, is the biggest problem I’ve seen with the regional GS differences. A GSh F Sport is the model I would want.

  • krew

    Wouldn’t surprise me at this point — I know Australia would love the ES.

  • Bobby

    Point being? Doesnt change the facts that the GS is selling well. I made a week vacation the first month of the 3GS and I didnt see one one the road. One weekend this year and i see 7 4GS.But Can’t say I see the same amount of GS’s here in Florida and thats plenty wealthy, with many benz bmw bentley eveerywhere. Its nice to see more Lexus GSs considering the small amount of them in the US compared to E class and 5 series

  • craig ross

    this is true.. i just ordered a 2013 gs 350 awd f-sport model..

  • term-paper-writer

    agreed with you

  • aezean

    Some people just believe a car is better than a lexus as long as it is a mercedes benz or bmw. That is not automatic. All these cars are made from the innovation of human beings and great innovation is not restricted to germans. Even motor trend gave the GS better marks than both the E class and the 5 series. Don’t make biased opinions about a vehicle you have never driven. Don’t judge a vehicle by brand name. Anyway, TOYOTA is the greatest brand of all time when it comes to the best overall vehicles.