Super Vibrant Fresh Green Lexus LFA

The special selection Lexus LFA colors are arriving in full force — the latest one to appear is Fresh Green, and it’s a doozy:

Fresh Green Lexus LFA

Fresh Green Lexus LFA Side

Fresh Green Lexus LFA Interior

I’m going to chalk this one up to personal taste — while my own preference leans towards the Brownstone LFA we saw yesterday, I can appreciate why someone buying a $375,000 supercar would want to go all out with a super-vibrant color like this.

[Via: VIP Auto Salon]


  • Yong Thian Ding

    Wow ! It’s an extremely bright color !

  • Sora Yi

    Just my own opinion, but that is one UGLY LFA. And to think I’d ever say that about an LFA!

  • Jun Wang

    FReaking LOVE IT!!!!!!!! thats what i am talking about !!

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    That’s a fancy way of saying “Lime Green”

  • cruise maldives

    It is a nice post.thank you.

  • Brad

    I wondered when we would actually get to see this one.It’s rumored that somebody in the Miami area,FL. purchased one in this color.Personally,with this exterior color,I would have chosen black for the interior & since there is no green stitching option,I would have either chosen black stitching or for a contrasting accent,maybe blue or violet.I’m sure the owner doesn’t care though since they own an LFA & I don’t.

  • enthusiast

    It will not get lost in the parking lot.

  • Alex ‘Scion Champ’ Saldanha

    Lime Green + Fresh Lime = Fresh Green. IMO it should have been called Fresh Lime lol.
    My sister has had an LF-A as her PC background since Lexus launched their online build and spec tool, its been this Fresh Green color the whole time. I’m going to share this with her, if she hasn’t already seen it herself. lol.


    My wifes toe nails are this color right now…

  • BlackDynamiteOnline

    What about the toe jam?


    haha definitely not fresh green.

  • Mike DeLorca

    I do appreciate all that LFA offers in color selections……not my personal choice….but who cares..if you spend $375 – $450K for this marvelous art of machinery you can do whatever you want….I say ENJOY !   I agree with KrEW…..the Brownstone has captured my heart though…

  • Chris

    Holy hell, that sure is outrageous looking, but I like it! Has this one been sold? Is it in Miami?

    – Chris

  • Pedro_roldao

    Excentric colour… It’s nice to see this kind of colours.
    My choice would be black Amethyst… i’m hoping to see one soon… :P

  • Anonymous

    That has to be a color limit.  THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

  • steven

    …..that is so ugly…..I can’t believe Lexus allowed this….

  • Travis

    DAMN thats a bright green. Looks cool tho

  • Sigrid Wilson

    Love it! Green is my fav. car colour, but it’s not a Hybrid, sadly!

  • Louise mccann05

    omg I want one LOVE the colour…..