Tokyo Auto Salon: Lexus LS with a Spindle Grille & Louis Vuitton Interior

Returning once again to the Tokyo Auto Salon, here’s a custom Lexus LS notable for its attempt at the GS spindle grille:

Lexus LS with Spindle Grille

If you can get past the crazy gold color and the overdone detail work, it’s not a bad looking interpretation — the edges are all too sharp, but the broad strokes are all there.

As for the rest of the vehicle, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Louis Vuitton interior:

Lexus LS Louis Vuitton Interior

Lexus LS Louis Vuitton Leather

The marble door handles are a nice touch.

[Source: (Translated)]


  • WorldofLuxury

    I rarely liked LV products, particularly the colorful ones. I do like the marble though!

    • Brad

      The only thing I would buy from them,if they were still available,would be millionaire sun glasses.Now those are some sweet shades!

  • Yong Thian Ding

    It’s pure awesomeness ! Also you guys should know TAS 2012 also featured pair of LFA which one of em have different wheel on left & right side (by RAYS) while another one have added Spoiler, Diffuser & CF Hood .

  • Robert Ladaga

    Oh, this is tacky. 

  • Brad


  • asdub

    tack extraordinaire – disgusting, looks crap and utterly tasteless!

    • joshd

      agreed, fugly 

    • Thinker

      first reaction O_O!!! , then O_o””, then =_=”””, then U_u””… common, Lexus can do better than this…. WAAYYYYYY BETTER…………

  • BOSS

    Outside is cool, inside is ugly as hell, too much LV for me.

  • Vague

    The Only thing i would buy in this car is fron bumper … its a killer … the other stuff are pure rubbish

  • Dr. Alexander Dünnes

    Have seen today a Maserati Spyder with Louis Vuitton Style. More for young girls. Take a look.