Lexus CT 200h Demonstrates the Importance of Winter Tires

Last night was the first snowfall in my area, so it’s a good time to feature this video from Yokohama demonstrating the importance of winter tires, using a Lexus CT 200h as the example vehicle:

Pretty dramatic difference — don’t forget to switch your tires for the winter months, and stay safe out there!


  • WorldofLuxury

    Many don’t realize how important winter tires are. AWD is useless if you don’t have winter tires.

  • F1

    Nice demonstration

  • Brad

    NICE! I love both the CT & the Yokohama Tire brand.

  • Sebastien Kroetsch

    I totally agree. You can have the best AWD system in the world, when it comes to braking and cornering there’s not much your AWD can do to help out. It’s suprising to see that Quebec is the only Canadian province that has winter tires mandatory.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I live in sunny san francisco!  … no need for winter tires here. 

    Oh, and my michelin PS2s perform better in the rain than ANY all season tire can.. 

  • Moonrayker

    What many people overlook is the fact that, although cars are available with AWD, cars have been available with All Wheel Braking for many many years.  It is the choice of tyres that makes such a huge difference to control and stopping distance.