Lexus LFA in Supercar Meetup

Pro photographer Jonathan D’Amato has taken some cool photos of the Lexus LFA parked alongside other supercars — here’s a sampling:

Lexus LFA & Lamborghini Countach

Lexus LFA & Porsche Carrera GT

Lexus LFA & Lamborghini Murcielago

This is just the tip of the iceburg — be sure to check out the rest of his LFA photo gallery.

Check out the full LFA photo gallery


  • BlackDynamite


    • BlackDynamite

      LFA looks pissed off, man!

  • Rashid Ws

    looks better and more reliable than the GTB ferrari

  • professional resume

    i’d like to have a black one)))))))))))))

  • Anonymous

    LFA looks most elegant.

  • joshd

    am I the only one that doesn’t think these photos are so special… (as far as composition etc) 

    • krew

      I liked them for the comparison between models — I was really surprised by the similar “feel” between the Carrera GT & the LFA.

      • Lasse J. Nordvik

        I like seeing all these different supercars together with the LFA. To me there is a similarity between all of them,a certain “outrageousness factor” they share. Regardless of brand,I’m glad cars like these exist. Sweet maniacal counterweights to all the sensible cars in the world. 

  • BOSS

    The thing about black LF-A’s, it retains the luxury style of L-Finesse but holds the soul of a dominant race car.

  • Mike DeLorca

    Simply the best !     A real class act amongst so many—-sorry to say some of these other super cars are just plain ugly and no thought out design and finess like the LFA.
    LEXUS THANK YOU !    Please send us more in the future—–don’t stop now. Keep it up !

  • Yong Thian Ding

    Only if there’s Agera R , Veyron Super Sport & LFA Nurburgring Edition … or LFA is better .

  • research papers

    cool photos

  • HughDiego

    Cool cars~ I wish i can own one someday~


    Super cars always kinda spell douche bag to me. It’s the bright green or yellow, etc. with big wings and too much embellishment that i dislike, kinda like a grown up version of a riced out civic. But the elegance of the LFA is what a super car should be. Looks like its going 200 m/h while its sipping a up of tea.


    oops… “cup of tea”

  • Coryn_hughes

    I’m actually a big fan of the Carrera GT to me with that mad sounding high revving V-10 much like the LFA I kinda outta all the cars like the LFA and the Carrera GT.

  • Travis

    I wonder why the Carrera is so long ?

    The LFA is a really short wheelbase car. I think that helps with its awesome track performance.

  • Travis

    Also.. these pictures show something more and very speical.

    Japans first real supercar :-)

  • F1motor

    Lexus makes the best looking cars in that the attention to detail is top notch and Lexus have much more sophisticated design elements then everyone else.. Ageless/timeless designs..