Fabio Drives the Lexus LFA in Crazy Yamaha Racing Video

Fabio Driving the Lexus LFAYamaha is celebrating their 50th Anniversary of MotoGP Racing, and mark the occasion, they brought together racers from throughout their history in a hilarious video, which at one point includes Fabio (yes, Fabio) driving a Lexus LFA in what must be one of the zaniest cameos I’ve seen in a while.

(Yes, I could hardly believe it either, but that doesn’t make it any less true.)

Watch the Yamaha 50th Anniversary Video


  • LexusLVS

    What is so funny?  He would be the best to represent Lexus.  He is a respectable actor and great driver.

  • Max Bramante

    I saw him in “the bold and the beautiful”

  • Mike DeLorca

    I Can’t believe it’s not Butter !  Can’t get that out of my mind since he stars in it.

  • http://lexusenthusiast.com krew

    I can’t pretend to know much about Fabio — just seemed like a funny mix to me. :-)

  • Anonymous

    weird dude