Revisiting the #016 Lexus LFA’s White Interior

Lexus LFA #016 White Interior

I have to say, the interior of the #016 LFA owned by Lexus UK has to be my favorite interior to date — here’s some detail shots from Flickr:

It’s a gutsy move to put a white interior in a car that’s likely to see a ton of traffic, but there’s no denying the effect is stunning — it really shows off the craftsmanship of the LFA interior.

(Also want to point out this funny image over on the Lexus UK Flickr account that shows the after-effects of the LFA’s passage.)


  • Anonymous

    The prototypes were extremely worn. Such an interior looks really exquisite though!

    • krew

      That’s what I was thinking as well, but I suppose Lexus UK can always replace the interior similar to what the USA did with the Matte Black/White/Grey LFA.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • West

    Dayuum that’s BEAUTIFUL

  • Thejetengine

    amazing interior!!