Lexus Australia Launches CT 200h iPhone Contest

Lexus CT City Challenge GameNot only does Australia get the Lexus CT 200h F-Sport package before most other countries, but now in the Land Down Under can win a CT by competing in an iPhone game contest.

To compete, simply download the Lexus CT City Challenge game from the iTunes store and start steering your iPhone to victory.

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  • Anonymous

     Since when did Australia become such a high priority? :P

  • Knjt

    Damn the Melbourne track is so hard!

  • mitchysDad

    It’s actuall quite a good game. The concept is quite simple but once you get to a certain point it gets hard to improve your score any further. I am currently ranking 7th overall, need to make up a few places to make the final, and win the wife, er I mean myself a CT200H!

  • krew

    That’s funny, I was going to mention the same point (though in a much nicer way). ;-) 

  • krew

    Best of luck!