Pearl Grey Lexus LFA in California

Lexus USA’s original LFA has been repainted once again — first was Matte Black, then Whitest White Starfire Pearl, and now Pearl Grey — here’s our first look from its debut at Lexus of Glendale:

Hard to get a really good feel for the color, but I’m sure we’ll see some event photos soon — funny how it’s a middle ground between the first two colors.

[Source: Club Lexus]


  • WorldofLuxury

    I was gonna say something, but it’s a bit racist, so um…

    AWESOME! I love it.

  • Travis


    How in the world can you something racist… about a car reving its engine??

    Get a grip…

    anyway… I loved how everyone was talking and conversing before the LFA started up… but as soon as the car tuned on… the whole room got quiet.. nice.

    The LFA is kickass… I wonder how it would fair with more power.. it keeps other supercars asses with only 550

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Travis: aha more like a racist joke. Actually, it’s just a joke, but I didn’t bother saying it.

    Anyways, I agree. I wonder what the LFA would be like if Lexus let out the full fury of the V10 engine – and perhaps give it direct injection despite the annoying diesel noises it’ll make at idle! I wonder if that would free it from the gas-guzzler tax.

  • 05RollaXRS

    @Travis: I don’t know what you mean, but LFA is faster around the race track than most 600+ HP cars such as, ZR-1, Ferrari 599 GTB, LP670-4 and the list goes.

    The latest “AutoBild Nurburgring Supercomparo” proved i where LFA was faster than Porsche 911 Turbo, GTR, ZR-1, Ferrari 599 GTB, LP570-4 Superleggera etc.

    You probably mean in a drag race, but LFA is not a drag racing car. It is stupid f*st in a straight line (11.3 – 11.4 seconds in 1/4 mile), but it is intended to be driven fast around a race track.

  • Flipside909

    Actually, the Matte Black LFA, was repainted Starfire Pearl, NOT Whitest White. It is now Pearl Gray with a tan/saddle interior.

  • WorldofLuxury

    @Flipside909: aha I remember the person at Longo Lexus saying that… but then the LFA at Longo Lexus didn’t have matte black headlamp washer nozzles.

    Anyways, can I be your friend?! ahahha jk Don’t mean to sound creepy, but I think you understand what I mean. ;-)

  • iCyCo

    I’m getting my LFA sometime in November

  • 05RollaXRS

    iCyCo wrote:I’m getting my LFA sometime in November

    Does the delivery not start (first 20 batch) in December??

  • Josh

    probably a bad camera phone but I didnt even know the car was on after the starter. lol. The car doesnt even make a burble sound at idle?

  • 05RollaXRS

    @Josh: It has a very menacing idle. Just not audible in this video.

  • iCyCo

    Yeah, for the real one. I’m talking GT5, only way I can afford one 8-) I’m a Toyota/Lexus lover but can only dream about owning a current to last gen Lexus

  • seal


  • Travis


    If its racist.. why say it to begin with ? How old are you…

    @ 05RollaXRS

    That exactly what I was saying… it only has 550 hp and it kicks other supercar asses… did I not ?

  • Eljay

    Whenever I see a video of the LFA with the engine running I think:”If it gives me chills like this through my tiny laptop speakers,I’d probably wet myself if I heard it in real life! :-D

  • Lexusguy94

    Give some Props to the one that Recorded this video. which is me :-)

  • krew

    Lexusguy94 wrote:Give some Props to the one that Recorded this video. which is me :-)

    Just added a shout out to the post, thanks for uploading this video! 8-)

  • thelexusguy94

    @krew: thanks bro :D