Lexus LFA to be offered in Nürburgring Track Edition

Japanese weblog レクサスとの道[LEXUS] is reporting that the Lexus LFA will be available in a track edition optimized for circuit driving:

If Google’s translation serves, this Nürburgring edition looks to include a fixed rear wing, larger front spoiler, sports tuned suspension, high grip tires and a boost of 10 horsepower—and will only be available in four colors: black, matte black, a color Google couldn’t decipher whitest white, and this vibrant orange:

No word on price, but more details are sure to appear shortly. (I wonder what percentage of potential owners would consider this package—10%? Lower?)

[Source: レクサスとの道[LEXUS] (translated)]



  1. I LOVE IT! but don’t the poor (PUAHAH!) owners have to wait for the “mainstream” LFAs to be finished before the track edition starts production?

  2. Is this part of the 500 production or it be outside the production numbers?

  3. @Jesseps: part of the 500. Lexus mentioned that the vehicles with the special colors and track tune up are the ones that will start delivery at around December of 2011.

  4. The fourth color that google couldn’t decipher is called “Whitest White,” which I assume is…white.

  5. the colour makes it Looks like s super taxi car

  6. So ... Still Have White ?

    Seems Like Lexus Is Really Clever !

  7. Oh my lord that is hot…...and I thought the “base” LFA was a killer…

  8. From Carscoop , The New 24hrs Nur Enduro LF-A (Production Look) Is Badass ! It’s Nice ! Although It’s Looks Bit Weird To Me ... :|

  9. THIS is my dream car:-D