Lexus Japan RX 350 & RX 450h Special Options

Lexus Japan is offering a two unique customization options for the Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h, starting with this aggressive under-spoiler:

Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h Under-Spoiler

Hard to judge with only the front-end visible, but it’s similar to the LX 570 Sport Luxury package we saw last week in that it doesn’t seem to fit all that well.

The other option of note are these LED fog-lights:

Lexus RX 350 & RX 450h LED Fog-Lights

They may be expensive (¥136,500 / $1,529 USD), but they would be fantastic paried with the RX 450h LED headlights. Hope to see them as an option here in North America.

[Source: Lexus Japan via Club Lexus]



  1. Do want the those fog lights!  I would have to see more pictures of the spoiler.  I also want those rims that are on the RX in the spoiler picture.  I’ve seen them before on lexus japan and love them.  I wish we could get them in the states?  Can I order them if i’m doing a special order anyway…

  2. I’m hoping that these new options are a sign that L-Select will be expanded…not expecting that there will be as many options as the LS, but it definitely enhances the prestige and luxury of choice.

  3. That add on front spoiler would drastically improve the RX appearance by covering the steeply angled front bumper. Should be available as an option worldwide.

  4. I’m with Joshd… they never offer cool stuff like aero kits and HID/LED in the USA. After seeing what Japan has I feel like we don’t get a lot of choices here.

    I can see why the underspoiler wouldn’t fit the RX but I think the LX front underspoiler is great for the LX. Not sure about the LX rear bumper though.

  5. Here in Hong Kong, I own a 2010 RX450h. As I saw the comment from the editor, wondering whether the underspoiler fits the RX that well.  Well, I had specially ordered that directly from here, the local lexus dealer don’t offer this ordering & install service..what a service! ! I tell you.. it fits perfectly and it makes my RX look so unique..& so “delicious” to other RX drivers passing by, who had to stop just to look at!  The price is not cheap & it was a pain for me to wait for “a month” for the part to delivered via sea. But, the uniquness it gives my RX worth the effort.  Specaking of “uniqueness”, so far in my area, mine is “the only one” installed with that as I know.  I don’t claim myself as “the 1st one” to do that.. because I have “not seen the second” yet!

  6. @RX lover: Neat, thanks for sharing, and that’s a unique way to customize your RXh! cool

  7. Hi, Dan, Thanks! Since (so far as I know) it’s really to hard to find any picture of that except one you posted up there from the Lexus website, Here, I posted some pic. of my customized RX. (which I took while I was going on a cycling trip).  Enjoy!

  8. @RX lover: Very distinctive!!! Thanks for sharing your photos!  I have reposted them here:




    Nice bike rack too! cool

  9. @RX lover: Looks great! Thanks for sharing!